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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by baconator, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi,
    I am just new but have spent a long time looking through different posts and threads and have just decided to make an account now.

    I know that I want to join the Infantry, I love excitement and doing lots of different things so not sure what Regiment to choose.
    My initial thoughts were the either the Paras of Royal Marines as they appear to get the most variety in training, but I've also thought about the Rifles and the trying out for the AACC if I was good enough.

    My main question is what Regiment will get the most variety in operations and training.
    I love the history of the PARAs but the RM look like they get to operate in more environments.

    I hope to see an Army recruiter soon but it sounds like its all changed recently so thought I'd ask here first.

    I am currently studying and not really enjoying it, it's just my first year and don't really want to carry on with it as the outdoors and excitement of the Army looks to inviting.

  2. Rifles are a good bunch, the Royal Marines are Navy, hard to get into but you see the world. It looks like you can string a sentence together, personally I would finish my studies, if at Uni join the OTC. However the infantry will not give you a trade when you leave, I would go for a trade and do my commando course, or go airborne. Dont rush into anything and go in with a gameplan. The army is shifting around at the moment and it would not be a good time to join, I know I joined on the options for change redundancies.

    Your grammar is not too bad, and you look like a educated chap, get a trade, Royal Engineers, REME, do all the warry stuff and the trade stuff.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies.
    I have considered the Royal Engineers and getting a trade, but I think I really just want to join the Infantry.
    I liked the idea of the combat engineering but I can't say any of the trades really took my fancy.

    But then again like you said Davetheclown you can do commando course on top of it, which could be an option.
    And the ability to do the Diving course did look very cool.

    Do 1st Rifles only work to support the RM and get to train in arctic environments? Or do they only support when needed?
  4. It's not just the Commando course you can do... You can do p-company and get a nice maroon beret. You can even apply to special regiments if you are fit/good enough after a couple of years. The truth which most people are trying to avoid saying, is that the infantry is boring if you have two brain cells. They have little to fill their time apart from making the lads carry heavy weights over long distances quickly.

    You will also be surrounded by some of the thickest people you will ever meet in the infantry. I'm not having a dig, but a significant minority of them would not be executed in America due to be medically classed as retarded.
  5. Join the Royal Marines, after you have done a few years as a rifleman you could get a trade if you want or decide to specialise in Heavy Weapons etc. The Corps will give you more scope to get a trade than your average infantry unit.

    Royal Marines | Royal Navy

    That said, I wont slag down any Army Unit but from the outside looking in the Rifles seem to offer a lot of choice, dont listen to the bollocks about infantry being thick, it's just jealousy from other parts of the Army who realise to their eternal shame they will never be a God of war.
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  6. Sadly true, & some of these people will even be in a position of power over you through merit of being simply physically fit & naturally shouty :) ! You'll also meet some very top blokes who will inspire & shape you as an individual as well, though that can be said for probably any unit through out the army.

    I don't think you'll find line infantry to be exciting (especially now with Afghanistan winding down & the subsequent money for the more high end training being curtailed), paras, RM & the units comprising the rapid reaction task forces will most likely get the deployments in the near future while we consolidate & rebuild (decimate our numbers through subsequent tranches until an unforeseen major conflict arises).
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  7. He asked about the infantry, so I think your advice is sound.

    If you are going to spend your life doing anything, you may as well aim to be the best at it. So he may as well try for para/marines. The advantage with para is if he can't hack it they will pimp him out to the line infantry so he will still have a job out of it.
  8. This country has depended on thick infantrymen for centuries, where would we be without the good old-fashioned British psycho?

    The Royal Welsh is the one - a great unit and you get to shag sheep....
  9. Pffffffffffffffffftttttttt, yeah thats right.
  10. I was being polite,

    but its true about thick fit shouty men being in power over you,

    Rifles, the ones from Chepstow I hold in esteem

    Thats your choice,

    but you can do warry stuff with a trade, and go and do more warry stuff that other troops cannot get close to,

    trust me go for a unit where you will earn a trade, do commando course, be EMPLOYABLE, and push yourself intellectually,

    seriously some of the blokes are thicker than a whale omelette and they are in charge.
  11. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Firstly you have came to the right site, but most of the users will recommend their own unit just basically because they will recommend it among other units, this is where most military banter comes to form. But to be honest do as much research as you can but don't get lead along by them CGI Marines and Paras clips full of explosions and hell fire as they arent much different to many units just specialise a little differently, are trained alot higher and also fitter. But all i can say is if you never apply for RMAACC or PCOY you will never find out if you will be able to handle it. Besides if you decide for paras you will have to do ITC Cat, and if you fail PCOy afterwards you are usually distributed or reffered to an infantry unit anyway.
  12. You don't really need a trade in the Army. Do what you want to do, for most jobs within the Army you can transfer if you get board.

    If you really want an interesting job then look at Ammo Tech.
  13. Which battalion/s have you served with? Because, despite your protestations to the contrary, you are attempting to have a dig. I probably encountered fewer than a dozen blokes You could describe as 'thick'; although plenty who didn't have formal qualifications.
    I don't suppose you realise that your last sentence doesn't make sense.
  14. Think he was signing off as funny and not as a dig, to put some humour onto a dry thread.