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Just finished an interesting fiction book based onn the battle of crecy and agincourt, a scenario at the end said what if wellington had archers at waterloo , the british averaged 3-4 shots a minute with muskets and a battalian could hit a stationary target at 100 yards with a 40 % hit rate the french averaged 2-3 shots a minute. So with muskets only being effective at 100 yards what carnage could the same amont of archers with longbows do at 200 yards????? :?
What if wellington had fast air on call ?
If Boney had available the entire Prussian army under Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst, would the British army under General Sir John Moore have wiped the floor with them and still had time for a tankard of Ale
So it's the late 70's and Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar get a bit bored in Valhalla and decide to take a jaunt to the land of the living to see whats going on. On their way down they discuss what they should go and see. "It's the 1st of May" says Alexander, "That new guy from Georgia was saying that his crowd will be having a big parade." So they all agree that they'll go to Red Square and watch the May Day parade.

So they pick a good spot and settle down to watch the parade. They're stunned by the weapons and equipment. Alexander is impressed by the vehicles and declares "With wagons such as those composing my bagagge train, my army could have conqured all of Asia!" Caesar is taken with the missiles and rocketry, "By the Gods, had my legions possesed such engines no nation could have stood before us!" Meanwhile Napoleon has picked up a copy of Pravda and exclaims "But with a newspaper such as this no-one would have ever heard of Waterloo!"

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