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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by down_under, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. Whilst watching the History Channel last night I got to thinking about a couple of things such as.
    1. What if Hitler didn't declare war on America, how would it have changed the outcome,
    2. What if the Brits did team up with the Germans and took on the Russkis, again, what would the outcome have been,
    3. What if Hitler didn't kill all those Jews, he would've potentially had another 3 million more soldiers,
    4. What if Hitler only took and controlled France, would anyone really have cared,
    5. What would have been the difference if Hitler maintained his bombing of Brit airfields instead of cities,
    6. What if the 350 000 soldiers didn't get out of Dunkirk.
    The right people won the war, however I can't help but wonder what would the difference had been if Hitler let his Generals run the war instead of his bungling and ineptness.
    What are other peoples thoughts.
  2. Whats the point in the thread? We should be glad the psycopath cpl believed he knew all the answers. To speculate on a different outcome is sick.
  3. Read "The man in the high castle" by philip K dick , writtin decades before i was born , still makes a deal of sense .

    Strange topic , but in the spirit of things , we would not be heading down the shitter now , it would have already happened , if the nazis won , what would they have left to focus thier efforts on , internal strife galore and civil war or some such nonsense would kick off

    vodka impares me

    /gibberish post
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the little square head was beaten, but when I hear how the panzers stopped just outside Dunkirk instead of continuing on, and how noone wanted to wake him up on 06 June it got me thinking. Lager induced perhaps. Maybe I am the only one who wonders... :)
  5. No you are certainly not the only one.

    Many people try to imagine where events may have led had something been different at some juncture or another.

    The trouble is that it leads to so many variables that the ponderer soon looses track.

    Example: What if Hitler HAD been admitted to the Vienna Academy? Perhaps he would have become an architect after-all?

    Would the NSDAP not have come to power? Etc., etc., etc.

    An interesting story is woven around the possibility that Hitler was killed in WWI and an alternative set of consequences by Stephen Fry in his book "Making History."
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  7. Re first set of text in bold - it's called history :D

    Re second set of text in bold - out of curiousity why? Personally I'd argue it's incrediby healthy. Reviewing permutations and combinations of historical events and more importantly decisions can give useful insight into how to deal with current affairs. Your comment suggests a closed mind now that is arguably sicker.

  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Accepting the point of the thread at the outset, there is of course one small issue. The points you offer are not "what if's", because of Hitler's inept grasp of World politics and military strategy ... He was the way he was, and would have perpetrated those errors unless he was "more sensible", in which case the War wouldn't have happened.

    Much of the failure of the GE forces during WW2 was directly attributable to Hitler's interference in detail, his belief that he was destined to lead GE into the 1000 year Reich, his distrust of his Generals, and much, much more.

    Now ... if he had been "better adjusted", would he have even started the bludgy war in the first place? Or at least delayed the start until 1942, which was the date originally envisaged and towards which much armaments planning was being geared?
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  10. don't think I've seen it go to three responses in a quote before, I assume italics is next :p
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    You haven't? This is small beer. FFS, you ARE new!!

    Anyway .... we're in dream city country, so WTF ...
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    Aaaarrrggghhh ..l. bath time!
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In another thread I started last week I explained how I was looking for a time line for 42 Royal Marine Commando when I found a picture of me.

    I'd have found that picture a lot sooner (that evening) if my googling hadn't led me to this website:


    I found it highly entertaining and commend it to the board.

    (Edited cos I cannot spell commend ffs.)