What if you don’t cancel your credit card before you die?

I believe in reincarnation - I'm coming back as a tin of evaporated milk!


That is awsome - sums up how stupid some of the turds who work at call centres really are.

The best bit is the new billing address.
People involved with billing seem to have a limited grasp of reality.

A few years ago my elderly mother became ill, was taken by ambulance to the hospital and died a few hours after she got to the hospital. A few weeks later I got a letter from Blue Cross (big US health insurer) that they would not pay for the ambulance. When I called they told me that the records showed that "her condition was not life threatening" and ambulance not needed. Not life threatening FFS!!. When I finally got to talk to the supervisor they agreed that dying is sufficient proof of a life threatening condition and paid.

Six months later, identical situation with my aunt except she lived for two days before dying. They told me a disecting aortic aneurism was not on the list of life threatening conditions. FFS an aortic aneurism is the most life threatening condition there is!!. Again, finally got them to pay.

Several years ago, still p*ssed off!

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