What IF -The UK had a really big disaster?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Actually reading the blog on Brown and his failing on the BBC and heared the following...

    "China has sent a further 30,00 troops and 90 extra helicopters into Sechwan province", so what if the UK had any type of disaster in this scale.

    90 extra , on top of what was there. Does the RAF, AAC and Navy even have this many for humanitarian assistance?

    WTF could UK PLC do ?

    BROON - "OH its all under control, we have the boy scouts and a ex RAF fitter with a radio controlled model helicopter , with a camera in the area ".

  2. We've got an ongoing one.... It's called the liabour government and is going to take a while to fix.
  3. Hope that the US was feeling generous?
  4. Mobilise the TA, get Radio 4 going, and generally Keep Calm and Carry On.

    It's what we DO! Brits under pressure make tea and crack on.

    I now call this silly thread closed.
  5. Maybe if the UK had 20 times the population and five times the economy coupled with a much cheaper procurement cycle* it would have the extra kit.

    *i.e. steal the design from the Russians then make it with sweatshop labour.
  6. Is it compulsory to be a Hermer at times of crisis?

  7. Call out the WRVS to make a large pot of tea and get on with it
  8. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Its not a silly thread at all and is in fact a very good question. The recent defence select committe report in fact draws a specific warning about the ability of the forces to provide adequate support to the civilian power. Foot and Mouth, Floods and various storms have demonstrated the inherrant value of using the armed forces to support the various civil contingencies agencies.
  9. Yes, it's in your DNA. When the time is right, you will understand.
  10. It happens every time there is snow, FFS :roll:
  11. didnt burma giving us £17 million for last years flooding?, so wtf are we giving them £17 mil?
  12. An initial wtf..... followed by kettle's on, and brews all round while a quick plan was knocked up on the back of the compulsory planning fag packet....

    Then we would just get on with sorting it in time for tea n biccies.....
  13. I wouldn't worry about this - we have the Legion of Frontiersmen! :roll:
  14. As generous as it was to itself after hurricane Katrina?
  15. Big diaster in UK?


    What diaster?

    Let´s face it teh only reason why the nation hasn´t burned down teh Reichstag, er Houses of Parliment and held a Coup d´etat is due to the calming influence of a good strong cuppa char..... and either a biccy or a wad to go with it.