What If The Collapse Never Comes?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. A vexed question on The Survivalist Blog What If The Collapse Never Comes?

    So you've fortified your remote woodland retreat with a Viet Cong style tunnel complex, bought a small hill of over priced gold coinage at the top of the market, stockpiled a variety of assault weapons (well SLRs) laid in a lifetimes supply of baked beans and Johnny Walker but the Zombie Apocalypse/Black Helicopters of the UN/Great Tribulation stubbornly fails to turn up, civilization just staggers on like a dunk on auto pilot heading home from the pub.

    What the fuck do you tell the wife? It's a very expensive hobby and I'm a bit of a mental?
  2. the bunker will always come in handy for when the naughty boys on arse start to pick on you for starting this bone thread !!
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I love preppers. It means I don't have to bother. There's a local I know who's convinced it'll all end in tears . He has all the foodstocks and a collection of expensive knives. I have a shotgun.
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  4. Oh you mean like Pentecostals when the four horsemen fail to turn up. It's the anticipation that's the fun part.
  5. Isn't it potentially a problem like the MOD gets - penny pinchers move in, everything gets cut and disarmed, then most inconveniently the end of the world starts and you've got your pants down.

    Any prepper worth his salt simply has 10 bombed up mags to fit his SLR and the will to use it. Nothing more is required apart from stocked-up prey who are ill prepared to keep what they've hoarded in the face of a steely-eyed old geezer who hasn't got over his SLR fetish.

    Oh, what Bouillabaisse said.
  6. I,m an unprepper. My doomsday kit consists of a can of compo chicken curry & a sachet of screech circa 1988 & an old BSA Meteor air rifle in the attic somewhere.
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  7. Why do I get the sneaky feeling that you may have just described me.
  8. There is a possibility it could be a self fulfilling activity.

    Given the amount of anticipation/enthusiasm for the big day some preppers seem to have, I wouldn't be surprised if some jump the gun.

    If a natural disaster occurred in an area with a big enough critical mass of preppers who decided this was it, I suspect they would not be open to co-operating with the authorities and general relief efforts.
    This could either exacerbate or prolong the response.

    All it would then take is some friction with law enforcement (perhaps addressing their rather unneighbourly actions) and some fruit loop like Alex Jones to start screeching "ZOG", to get something going locally.

    Then add some well chosen words from that "goddamn communist who hates our way of life and wants to take away our guns"*, Barry Obama and stand back for the flood of loons initiating "Op Lemming"

    In some ways, I miss MAD and Nuclear brinkmanship. In those days shouting "mushroom cloud" would probably get the streets nice and clear as the gophers run for their holes.

    *heard verbatim from (what I had thought until that moment was) a well educated and mature Texan
  9. Preppers are full time loons, but they seem to be harmless wierdos. However if the shit did hit the fan I would revert to a shit throwing ape in very short order and would kidnap/ransom preppers nearest and youngest with SS in full on Poland mode type zeal to secure supplies tbh.
  10. I used to read that strange critter avidly as a nipper back when we were expecting incoming ICBMs. He was just part of a cottage industry obviously making a bundle out of credulous types and back then there was at least cause to worry.

    A shrewd banker who married into the Mack Truck fortune being nipped off at 47 with congestive heart failure complicated by obesity. Bit ironic he's remembered as a "Survivalist".
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  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I go for self-fulfilling, though I hope only in isolated cases.
  12. It is interesting to see though if the end did come what would be the "winning instinct" personally I reckon it's whoever get's over the shock of an apocalypse first and starts thinking like a survivor.
    Never mind being tooled up with 5.56 or 7.62 the real winners will take inspiration from what happened in neolithic times, small groups no more than 10-15, a clear leader, everyone contributes regardless of status in the group small children would I'm afraid be an embuggarance, animals would also need to earn their keep (hunting dogs etc) women who are too old to be hunters or be whored out would be of little use too.
    Sentimentality would have to be the first layer of civilisation to be shed, cold hard pragmatism is the winning instinct.
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    The saddest thing in the 80s was the difference between British and American survivalist magazines. USA - "we review the best LMG for compound defence". Britain - "What crossbow?." Also indicative, even then, of the liklihood of a survivalist looney getting anywhere near a shotgun or firearms cert.
  14. I'd be brilliant, I hate children and old women and I come from a Scottish seaside town so the apocalypse wouldn't look much different.