What if NO officers had been in the Boarding Party ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spiffy, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. What if NO officers had been in the Boarding Party ? would the NCO's have handled things in a different and possibly better way ?
  2. No because 2 of the killicks were seaman specs.

    Had there been a requirement to quickly manufacture a bell rope and a monkey's fist then their expertise would have been valuable.

    At least they came back alive...a result of sorts.
  3. How about, what if no sailors/marines/woman/only officers/paras instead of marines...

    Speculation goes on and on bud
  4. They probably wouldn't have got lost :D
  5. HAd it been only booties with no babysitting duties as well as the task in hand then there may well could have been a different outcome and one more worthy of publicity.
  6. Are seaman specs harder to shift than seaman stains?
  7. What if the Indian freighter had been a Royal Navy Q-Ship ?
  8. During a Firex...yes!
  9. A boarding party without an officer?

    Next thing you'll be saying is that the only function an Officer serves onboard is as the RNCSS Chatroom co-ordinator. Scandalous! :D
  10. Point taken.
  11. I don't know who'd have been more scared of being bummed - the IRG or 15 captured paras.
  12. Is fudge nudging allowed in the koran, even of Paras?
  13. What if there had only been wimmin on board and it was time of the month for all of them and they were armed to the teeth with Sat Navs and AA Route Finders!!!!!!!! Now that would be worth speculating about and I, for one, would pay for the Iranian story on how they (the Iranians) stood up to them.
  14. Alright Jimmy's best mate. The Paras would not have been captured in the first place, but I think the IRG might have been giving up a few of their chocolate cherries if that had been the situation.
  15. A wimmin only ship? Fcuk me, I would not want to piss them off come that time of the month (and I do believe it has been proven that women living in close proximity have been known to co-ordinate their periods). I could see them use up all ordinance onboard in a oner at a yachtie who crossed their bow too close! :D