What if Labour had Won?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exbleep, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. OK, not even a year yet but the Tories/Lib Dem coalition are coming under a lot of flak for their pretty savage cuts. But what do you think would be happening if either Labour had won or if the Lib Dems had formed a coalition with them instead of the Tories?
    I personally think the coalition are doing all the right things but not necessarily in the right order (with apologies to Eric Morecambe).
    Would Labour or a LabLib coalition have done things any differently and would be now be getting bailed out by the IMF?
  2. Auld-Yin

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    If Labour had won then I think that there would have been a very quick election by now. However, Labour would have done everything they could to stay in power, including selling down the river any and all of their very few remaining principles!

    We would certainly be fully in hock to the IMF by now.
  3. Word Jumble:

    Creek Paddle Up a Without Shit Be Would We
  4. Wasn't Brown's grand plan simply to keep on spending and hope the recession went away? Which would have then been followed by even harsher cuts than the Tories if they wanted to clear the deficit in his lifetime while our national credit rating and so interest payments would be far nearer to the Irish's.
  5. God forbid, but if it had happened, we would have seen a lot more of Gordon Brown around the Palace of Westminster, as he would have spun the result as a ringing endorsement of him staying on as PM. Although I have been deeply disappointed with certain aspects of the present coalition Government, I dread to think what would have transpired if we had ended up with a Lab/Lib coalition.
    Bottom line is, it doesn't really matter who is holding the rains, they have a massive job on their hands trying to drag the country out of the deep sh*t it was dropped into by NL.
    I expect this coalition to implode sometime in the next 12 months and thanks to the unpopular decisions it is currently having to make, it will leave the door wide open for Labour to come back to power. God, some people have short memories!
  6. Yoda,you're still alive,you didn't die on Degobar,I bet Luke is a bit pissed off,eh? 8)
  7. Heavens forbid a double in denial partnership

    I also agree with your last statement, the backlash towards the Coalition has barely begun, Labour will just sit back & relish a flock of supporting followers & votes they hope to build on, Pretty much what they had done whilst in office,

    IIRC Jackie Smith once recently stated after the Election in DP or a similiar political programme, 'we took our eye off the ball' cheers it was only the Country you were dealing with and well & truly screwed it up,

    Yes, many have very short memories....
  8. The great unwashed seem to have the memory span of a goldfish (although that may be unfair to goldfish), as long as they can watch XFactor, Hollyoaks, Kyle etc, get enough fags/booze/prozac, and the giro's keep coming in they are "happy".

  9. That's similar to how I see things panning out as well, funnily enough.
    God help us if that is the case mind, I'm already going dizzy with the speed this country is going down the pan, and it'll certainly pick up a bit more speed if that happens.
  10. The Question from Hell.

    Firstly, it was impossible. Even the most died in the wool realised he was DREADFUL - AWFUL - and USELESS.

    Secondly, the real question ought to be: 'If we had not endured the 'American TV stupidities' then would the Limp/Dims have scored so many votes?'

    The answer is: Of course they would not - and the result would have been a 'walk-over' for the Tory Party.
  11. Well, he got pretty close. I was actually amazed that so many could vote for them after such monumental cock ups. Six months to a year before the election, the forecasts were that he would get a hammering. Look at some of the TV repeats on Sky and see how many times they say he hasn't got a hope in hell. But, come the run up to the election, Labour suddenly started to do pretty well and I have no idea why. Even with Gordon being caught calling that woman a racist, Cameron seemed to be losing ground and it was bloody close on the night. Was Cameron so bad or did he just come over as a public schoolboy twit?
    (Mind you, I was also bloody amazed that Blair won the last time. I thought the public had seen through him by then but maybe Labour is now so ingrained into many parts of the UK that the Tories may be a spent force in future elections).
  12. Everything would be wonderful, defence spending would be up, inflation would be down and public spending would be up.

    Must be true, the BBC keep telling me so.
  13. I dont think it's so much that people have short memories, its the way Cameron et al are going about things.

    Why didnt Labour win the Election outright? because people were fed up with them for various reasons! I dont know all the reasons why people didnt vote labpour but some I can think of are; immigration issues, a soft legal system, too much interference from the EU and the ECHR, Bankers on massive bonuses, politicians taking the piss with their expenses. a Shoite NHS, an over PC police force, two wars which many think were/are illegal. etc etc etc.

    Undoubtedly Cameron et al have to sort out the financial mess that labour left,there is no argument about that so they have/are initiaing massive cuts! but are they doing too much all at once? I think they are, if they last the full term, and in three years time when its the next election what will the voters have to think about? Immigration hasnt changed so far and it probably wont, the legal system is still soft, there is still too much intereference from the EU and the ECHR, bankers are still on massive bonuses, Politicians are still taking the piss, but maybe not as much as before, the Police will still be too PC, but there will be less of them, The NHS will still be shoite and our forces will still be in Afganistan and maybe even to some degree embroiled in Libya! and there will be less of them too! On top of that in Camerons tenure, the real cost of living will have gone up and jobs will be have been lost left right and centre!

    The Economy may, after a full term of office be making a come-back but I doubt if it would have been fully sorted. So in effect the country will be even worse off, than it was under Nu Liarbour, even though the shit was all caused by BLiar and Brown in the first place.

    The voters will then scramble for anyone who has feasible promises of making the next government really better, All Liarbour has to do is come up with a realistic manifesto and they would get in hands down!

    I hope the BNP get in next time around, I cant stand the racist cnuts but if they shook the other parties into really sorting their act out that can only be a good thing!
  14. NL did better than expected because turkeys don't vote for christmas. And some of us who were in industry way back when remember the ******* the tories give it. (yes I know NL were just as bad but the clearout started in the 80's).
  15. By now the whole Nation would be on Prozac .