What if Kates baby is a ginger!


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Us Gingers have every right to be to colour of Kate and Will's (or Harry's in that case) baby, who knows if it was, we could soon be ruling this country! ;)


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[TD]In my response any ginger joke is likely to get voted down.

It's Saturday night, everyone else is out getting laid.[/TD]
"Well William, I have some good news and some bad news."

"Good gawd! What pray-tell in the name of King Henry is the bad news?"

"I'm very sorry, but your Royal son is born a ginger."

"Heavens! What's the good news?"

"He's stillborn."
I think there's something in the rules of accession that state that if the next in line to the throne is a gwar it jumps to the next one on the list.


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Once Baby Cambridge arrives and proves to be a gwar, the next one on the list is Harry.

Who we all know has a hint of fox piss and twiglets about him.

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