What if i dont get in?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BUTTEЯS, Jan 19, 2010.

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  1. hi guys,

    at the moment i am at school but seriously considering joining the army and have already started the application process. i leave school this year and am hoping to go to AFC Harrogate straight after.

    i am worried however that i wont get in for medical/fitness reasons as i am colourblind and also worried that i have a medical condition i dont know about (heart murmur etc). another thing is that i am worried about not getting in because of a bad reference from school.

    a job in the army is the only thing i really want to do and i feel as though if i dont get in i'll be miserable for the rest of my life and stuck with a S*** job i never wanted to do in the first place

    if anyones got any advice then id be most appreciative.
  2. Colour blindness: depends how bad

    Medical condition you don't know about: if your GP hasn't spotted it, they won't, unless you tell them about all the horrible symptoms you have and how you're really worried

    Bad references: do you have a reason to worry about bad references? Unless you beat up one of your teachers or sold drugs to primary school children, there won't be a problem

    If they let you in, then they let you in. If they don't let you in, then they don't let you in, and you need to find yourself something else. Simple, really.
  3. Butters,

    I'm not qualified to talk about entrance requirements, but I will say this. You're young - I take it 15/6 and you have plenty of time to decide what you want to do. Don't get too hung up on joining the Army - and don't think that there aren't plenty of fantastic jobs out there if you don't get in. I have a number of friends who declared their intention to join the Army at a similar age, did cadets, even OTC, then decided on another career path.

    For entrance queries there are a number of people here who will be along to advise, but also read the threads in Joining Up, or ask your Armed Forces Career Advisor, because that's the only definite place for advice.

    Good luck with your application.
  4. Nothing ventured nothing gained mate.

    Colour blindness isn't a bar to entry (I'm CP4) it just stops you from applying to certain trades. Have you given any thought as to which Corps / Regiment interests you?

    Barring a medical condition, physical fitness shouldn't really be of major concern as it's a factor you can exert your own will on & have complete control over.

    Start working on your aerobic fitness now.
  5. my colour blindness is not too bad (protanopia/deuteronopia). not bad enough to affect everday life.

    bad reference - just the usual stuff really. i didnt beat anyone up or do drugs just not working hard enough, being late sometimes etc etc
  6. probobly royal artillery, but maybe something along the lines of RLC, RE etc
  7. You shouldn't have any dramas whatsoever, AFC Harrogate is used to plenty of people who have done far worse than you - in fact it might be a prerequisite!
  8. I know what you mean mate, i was in a similar position, as my med forms took so long i ended up doing 6th form and am now restarting the process so that i can go but a little scared i will get to ADSC and be told i have a heart murmer etc which means i would have given up my uni place for nothing. best though to give it a try than perhaps think in 20 years why didnt i give it a go......?

    Just prepare for what you can ie make sure you're fitness is good and give them a good impression to the recruiters along the way and hopefully all will go well

    good luck ;) SS
  9. You can join the Army with a heart murmur, as long as its an innocent one. First time I went to ADSC i was deferred just like 10 other guys there for a murmur. Was booked for a heart scan the next day, got the all clear and was back on ADSC within 2 weeks.
  10. I'm sure your teachers or whoever writes your references wouldn't decide to ruin your chances of getting the job that you wanted, and your future, because you were late to class.
  11. On regards to the bad reports from tthe school for being late a few times, well trust me you have nothing at all to worry about.. I did a lot worse than that during school and my school put me on a course with the army, Had I followed through with it I would have been in now (Personal problems prevented it and I had to move) So don't let a few late marks on the register worry you, I'm certain it wouldn't even make the recruiters bat their pretty eye lashes to be honest with you, besides, you won't be so lacks with the time when you get in ;) That's for certain
  12. Try firing a BB gun in school and setting fire to a 20 foot strip of external wall via a can of deodorant before giving in to your mate's plea to turn him into a temporary flambe, then complain about bad behaviour :thumleft:
    You sound like a fricking nun, you have nothing to worry about. "oi woz late for class" :D
  13. Damn it, shame I didn't know you in school.. You would have been my excuse for the classic but ever funny fire alarm stunt.. *Sigh* "Those were the days haha. Damn I'm only 23 and already saying that :(
  14. i am definetly going to try to get in, no matter how much chance their is of me being deffered.

    good luck to you too :)
  15. I dont know why you are so nervous.....So they find a heart mumur at selection, so what 9 times out of 10 its proven to be inoccent and you can carry on. Your school will not give you a bad report, i mean i was a little S*** at school and when they were filling it out they said good things...
    only thing you should realy be worrying about is if your fittness is not up to standard then you should be out training now instead of on the net ;)