What if Hitler survived the war and was put on trial

Just been watching a TV programme about the Nuremburg trials with the NAZI’S. I was just wondering what everyone else’s opinion on world history might have changed if he survived and was put on trial. Would Hitler in any way at all been able to justify any of the war crime but more shocking would anyone have been convinced. He obviously had a public speaking quality and would this have influenced any of the members of the trial. I in no way support any of the actions of the NAZI party and do not wish to cause upset or cause any more hatred in this matter it is simply a question of “what would have happened if Hitler was caught alive”
Simply only a matter of curiosity and not one for any pro neo Nazi to add to any un just comments.
Would he have been kept alive by the Russians a as trophey or would it have esculated that all the three main powers America Russia and Great Britian have fought to get him first.
I suppose it would depend on whether the coalition forces discovered any traces of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Oh, hang on. No, it wouldn't make any difference, would it.

I think I'm getting a bit confused.

Coming to senses now....

If he managed to hide out until present times (and survive old age - he'd be 118 now, or thereabouts), he'd probably be made an MP. Or get the Nobel Peace Prize. That's what usually seems to happen. Saddam was an exception.


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Luckily - the Wide Mouthed Frog was not around to protect Hitler's "Human Rights". Hitler did one thing right and that was shooting himself.
Apparently a team of journalists found him living in the Amazon jungle in the 1950s. The interviewer asked him if he was thinking of making a come-back.

"Ja", he said, "but zis time, no more Mr Nice Guy."
The Nuremberg Trials were obviously not a 'fair trial' in the true sense of the definition as we would understand it today. It was a show trial made up of selected key Nazis. To a certain degree, the main players fate had already been decided and sealed.

Hitler would never have got away with his neck..end of pretty much. Even on the very slim chance that he did, I'm sure the Russians would have ensured he moved into their 'custody' and would have had a very long trip to a short welcoming party way out East.
H.Q. Afrika Korps - Tunis Jan. 1943

Smell of German Ersatz Eggs, Sausages and Marlene Dietririch.

A phone rings. General Stupenagel salutes it, and picks it up.


GOERING: Do you know were von Rommel is ? This is urgent.

STUPENAGEL: General Von Urgent?

GOERING: Don't make wiz zer feck - about ! - vere is Rommel?

STUPENAGEL: He is in zer sh1t house, he was bombed all night.

GOERING: Donner und Blitzen !

STUPENAGEL: He's in zer sh1t - house too.

Scene changes to a German latrine in a Wadi near Shatter - el - Arab


STUPENAGEL: Rommel, vich one are you in ?

ROMMEL: Number Zeben.

STUPENAGEL: You must go to Tunis at once.

ROMMEL: Let me finish going here first.

STUPENAGEL: Zere is a crisis out zere.

ROMMEL: Zere is a crisis in here; no paper.!

Ach zer Pritish Commandos have struck again.
'All over, people changing their votes, along with their overcoats, if Aldolf Hitler flew in today, they would send a limosine anyway'

The Clash: (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais 1979?
Perhaps he would have said something like this at his trial:

Hitler said:
"The man who is born to be a dictator is not compelled. He wills it. He is not driven forward, but drives himself. There is nothing immodest about this. Is it immodest for a worker to drive himself toward heavy labor? Is it presumptuous of a man with the high forehead of a thinker to ponder through the nights till he gives the world an invention? The man who feels called upon to govern a people has no right to say, 'If you want me or summon me, I will cooperate.' No! It is his duty to step forward. The army which we have now formed is growing day to day. I nourish the proud hope that one day the hour will come when these rough companies will grow to battalions, the battalions to regiments, the regiments to divisions, that the old cockade will be taken from the mud, that the old flags will wave again, that that there will be a reconciliation at the last great divine judgment which we are prepared to face. For it is not you, gentlemen, who pass judgment on us. That judgment is spoken by the eternal court of history...Pronounce us guilty a thousand times over: the goddess of the eternal court of history will smile and tear to pieces the State Prosecutor's submissions and the court's verdict; for she acquits us."
Mind you it didn't help much the first time he used it, so perhaps he would have said something else instead.

Try here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/david_aaronovitch/article582279.ece

From The TimesOctober 25, 2005

Dateline Spandau, October 1946. Herr Hitler climbs into the dock . . .
David Aaronovitch
HEADLINE: HITLER DEFIANT! By Martin Alcuin. BBC News. October 19, 1946

“A thin but erect figure, in dark suit, came to the dock nearest the judge. As with all other appearances since his capture, the dreaded ex-leader was calm and self-assured, the old voice that once meant fear and utter authority to all Germans and most of Europe instantly recognisable. He was instructed by the judge to stand and identify himself for the purposes of the trial, but the grey-bearded figure, with his thick black hair combed stylishly to one side, was not having any of it. He buttoned up his jacket and declared: ‘Those who fought in Germany’s cause will be victorious.’ ”
I read a novel called 'Mazurka' a long time ago, in which two SS soldiers get Hitler out of Berlin before the end. Eventually he was captured by the Russians, and Stalin put him in a steel cage, hanging from the ceiling of a white-tiled basement, permanently lit. They threw food at him, and hosed him out occasionally. He was killed just before Stalin died.

I like to think that could have been true.
I believe that Churchill wanted to see Adolf frying in an Electric Chair?

Not only the top Nazis were executed,750 others including KZ Guards and Commandants etc were also taken for a long drop.Alfred Perrepoint the british hangman accounted for quite a few and hung them in IIRC groups of three.

Goth,the guy seen shooting the jews with a rifle in Schindlers List´ was hung by the Russians,eventually,the rope slipped twice before the Rusky got it right!Twas on telly the other night and made for interesting viewing. :twisted:
Ok if I was Hitler's defence lawyer this I think would be how it would go. This is just a basic outline if I had more time I would compile a proper defence but this is just off the top of my head,

Get ready.

I was just following my religion which is Lutheranism. You would notice that the teachings of Luther show what the jew stands for and how they should be eradicated from the earth. The teachings of Luther also outline how the jew is a lyier and a cheat. ( Luther's thoughts not mine) Did not the English go to other country's and murder and kill anyone that would not convert to Christianity? The crusades are also classed as a holy war to a certain extend. Eradicate what will not conform and considered heathen. Did not the Russians kill many of there own kind in the gulags? Did not the Americans decide in there wisdom that the natives of the country ie' American Indians were not exactly willing to comply with the teachings of the white man then they should be herded up and made to conform and if they did not then that's one less brave to worry about. Then onto the slave trade which Britain and America had quite a large hand in. If I am to be on trial for forced labour then surely the others should also be.

I'm not a Nazi and I deplore there ideologies. but you want a defence then there's a start.

Ducks head and waits the onslaught :)
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