What if Bliar doesnt want to go?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. We all know that Liabour are going down faster than John Prescott's inflatable sex doll. There is likely to be a massacre of councillors next Thursday. The party faithful (one man and his dog) are not even bothering to canvass and the Scots MSPs will be getting nervous at the prospect of the 2007 elections.

    It can't be long before there is a leadership challenge to Bliar, either with the backing of Brown or without the backing of Brown.

    But what happens if he does not want to relinquish the trappings of power?

    It is clear that he is deranged and obsessed with his "legacy". His missus is unlikely to want to give up the chauffered cars, country house and flunkies either.

    One possibility apparently under consideration was that he could stand down as Liabour leader but remain as PM.

    I would hope that this is a whimsical notion with no prospect of occuring. However, the idiot happily invaded Iraq and is clearly capable of taking decisions that fly in the face of wisdom and popular opinion.

    So, what would happen if he actually tried this? I think that there would be 3 possibilities:

    1. HM tells him politely to "naff orf" (bad memories of the Douglas-Home vs Rab Butler affair).

    2. Someone calls a vote of confidence in Parliament, which he loses.

    3. In the absence of 1 and 2 above, a hate-filled mob with burning torches storm Downing Street and drag him and Cherie Antoinette to Madam Guillotine.

    The fourth possibility does not bear thinking about!
  2. I like the V for vendetta ending, but it might be expensive to rebuild the houses of parliment after that.

    I doubt HM will tell him to sling his hook, maybe the PoW will tip the hat to 6 to help arrange Blairs next trip to Paris...

    Shall I put the kettle on for the boys parked outside in the Rent 'o' Kill van?

    Edited for grammer.
  3. If the alternative is Broon then, much as I hate to say it, keep the lame duck in place until the next election then let's hope the Labour Party will lose it! Still, it's a hell of a long time to endure them.
  4. B_G_L: Can I offer a Viking funeral under Downing Street as an alternative?

    On a more realistic (and distinctly less illegal) note, if the local elections are an utter whitewash then the Party might figure that it's time to insert the knife and get rid of Bliar. Depends how many backbenchers feel threateened and how personally associated Tony is with the defeat.

    Oh, who am I kidding with that last? This is 'Teflon Tone' we're talking about - three of his ministers being exposed as either unfaithful (and by definition untrustworthy) philanderers or generally incompetent didn't seem to panic him into actually making anyone take responsibility. Put me down for a dozen blocks of gelignite and an underground carriage.
  5. I seriously think a vote of no confidence may develop, if something else picks up this week from another minister.
  6. Bolivia has had 189 coups d'état.

    The reason I mention it is that I think Britain is about due for one. The Blairs will be strung up above a petrol pump any day now.
    I won’t be sorry to see that happen, of course, and unless the army takes over, it will be either:

    a) Brown seizes power

    b) The Tories get back in

    Both roads lead to certain ruin, yet these are the choices we face. I would slightly prefer rule by military junta on lesser evil grounds, but I agree it’s not ideal. Or we could just do away with parliament and let the Queen rule the country on her own?

    Whose idea was it to have elections, anyway? If MPs were selected by competitive examination we wouldn’t be in this hole. We don’t elect airline pilots or heart surgeons, so why Prime Ministers?
    The idea that Mr Average Briton, wearing his tracksuit, walking around Tesco with his mouth hanging open, should be allowed to choose the government is nonsense. not that this type bother getting out and voting come to think of it.
  7. What do you mean 'what if'? There's no doubt about it. That tw@ will still be ensconced in No.10 by the time of the next GE.
  8. Exactly Buck,

    The Prime Minister has about as much intention of giving up office as I have of giving up leggy females. Until the press can be weaned off New Labour, there is little or no chance of a concerted campaign to get rid.

    I can't see the Sun saying "Tony must go" anytime soon.

    Besides which , what makes us think Broon would be any better? There are other Labour MP's who would probably make quite a good fist of the post.
  9. Yes, Bliar will hold grimly onto office like an infant clutching its favourite rattle, and will burst into tears if it is taken away from him.

    However, furious former local councillors will be clamouring for his departure after this week and MSPs will want him out before the Scottish elections in 2007. MPs will be nervously eyeing their survival prospects in 4 years time (perhaps earlier) and want Brown to rescue the party from its current nose-dive into oblivion (if he can).

    I think Bliar is doomed within the party - what if he decides to relinquish the party leadership and stay as PM? I think he would wish to make such an attempt to keep the big houses and so on. The question is, what would such an initiative mean in constitutional terms? Would he be guilty of seeking to install himself as an unelected ruler? Is it possible that he could be removed, either constitutionally through impeachment or a vote, or through extra-constitutional activity (a Neu Arbeit style euphemism)?
  10. And WHOS been reading Plato hmm? :wink:

    Got to admit to see the drippiness of some of the electorate doesnt surprise me the choppers that get into power. Maybe restricting voting to professionally qualified and those in REAL public service who have to deal with the consequences should be the ones allowed to vote?
  11. :D
    George Orwell

    Not having a dig but can you imagine trying to draw the line on yes you can and no you can't vote :?

    We will have to rely on the apathy of the masses as UFF said

  12. Thinking about it, I want to keep bLIAR till the next election, that way the electorate will be so toughly pissed off they'll do anything to get him out of power, and that will hopefully mean ditching all the Labour monkeys
  14. Presumably those who aren't paying taxes (or at least, not getting more cash in benefits from HMG than they give in tax) would be denied the vote? 'No representation without taxation', perhaps?