What I think of the Daily Mail....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. All comments here....
  2. It's fcuking ace. Now to the Hole!
  3. Fred Basset rocks
  4. Steady there Buck, there is a reason for this "vitriol overspill facility".
  5. Whats up Choccy,the Mail too right wing for you?
  6. As CF is trying to be controversial, so shall I, the Mail is one of the best papers available with concise and well researched articles. I really don't know what your problem is with the Mail, but if it doesn't suit you, don't fcuking read it
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Can't say I read it meself - wifey does, but not me. I prefer the Tellingraph - same stories, same spin, but longer words - makes me feel cleverer.

    Edited to add: Anyone who's tried to 'harrumph' behind a comic like the Mail knows how hard it is.
  8. I get it delivered daily (except sundays, of course, when I get the MailOnSunday). It's full of poorly researched articles, vitriol, prejudice, crap women's articles (I fcukin' hate Tanya Gold with a passion). I even wrote a comment on one of their on-line articles recently. It (my comment) was fair, reasonable, polite, and truthful; I did point out a number of their failings in producing yet another factually incorrect article, and called into question their professionalism. It did not make it past their moderators.

    So, why do I buy it, you ask. For the four-page pull-out section which contains eight sudokus (or is that sudoki), a cryptic crossword which is as good as either the Times or the Telegraph, and some other stuff, which keeps me occupied for an hour or so evey day, and for the 'Answers to Correspondents' column, which is a mine of trivial information and knocks the paltry Express imitation into a cocked hat.
  9. Answers to Correspondents is the first and usually the last thing i read in that paper.
  10. Contrary to popular belief the Mail has no influence on my opinions, simply because I haven't bought a newspaper (other than local) in 12 years.
    I'm perfectly capable of figuring out my own political opinions without being lead by the nise by a newspaper of whatever flavour. Whenever someithing in the news interests me I refer to several sources to try and get a balanced view
  11. It's a fecking horrible rag, which only serves to validate its readerships negative views of society and life in general, by misreporting stories, or generally making them up.

    I do read it online quiet often, but only to read some of the laughable comments people leave to the articles, and their obsession of using quotation marks around words containing more than one syllable. Oh, it's also great to read Littlejohns hilarious take on the spellings of words such as human rights, or compensation, and fawning comments from his fans (who are unaware that he lives in Florida) who feel that he has an excellent grasp of contemporary life in the UK.

    Although I do enjoy reading the Daily Mail Watch.
  12. As it is neither soft nor strong nor very absorbant I find it a poor substitute for the Sun.
  13. James Lawton is a fcuking bellwhiff. Apart from that, it appeals to my way of thinking.

    What was the reason for the question? Are you a bed wetting Liberal?

    If so, fcuk yourself, pinko.
  14. The Mail should be on everyone's web reading list, after the Telegraph (for an approximation to some of the truth), the Guardian (to get your hate glands functioning), The Times (to see what Murdoch's thinking) and Dilbert. It might not appeal to slavering followers of the New Labour Project, or to those addicted to Hastings', Toynbee's, Freedland's or Garton Ash's utopian visions, but it puts a perspective on the lives of what I suspect most of ARRSE's constituency is - people fighting to work their way up a professional or economic grade, rather than those satisfied to rely on state 'benefits', to which they have generally not previously invested any income, including freeloading bloody aliens.

    The Mail investigates and reports stories which are frequently of great public interest, and which are almost invariably subsequently reported on by the other major newsheets; stories which may initially seem too 'politically' dangerous or sensitive for the editors of those organs. As the march of Islam continues in England, or the descent into chaos of the great institutions such as the National Health Service, you can bet that the first report won't be in the Mirror, Sun or Telegraph. It'll be in the Mail, and it will usually be accurate.

    (Is that enough, Paul?)
  15. Lily Allen has some sort of sponsorship deal with the DM, shes in it every other fcuking day.