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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Mr Happy, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Here follows are short review of my PS3.

    Like many folk I guess, I held back on the purchase of the excellent XBox 360 because I wanted to see what the PS3 brought to the table. In the end, it appeared that it brought nothing more or less and probably wasn't worth the wait, however having waited and because I was able to buy it for £364 I went ahead (and I had the PS1 and PS2). I've now had it a month and here's my initial impressions:

    1. Its bloody heavy
    2. For the price, it includes a wireless controller and wi-fi. Both of which cost extra with the XBox.
    3. It also includes 4 usb ports (for wired controllers, external memory, other bits and pieces like a cam etc)
    4. Internet access via your router is free so you can surf (not tried it though) and login to online games for free (I believe the XBox charges £40 per annum but might well be wrong).
    5. Blu-ray DVD player
    6. Wireless Media Player - which means it will play movies/pictures/music from your computers HD in the other room, whatever you've downloaded.
    7. There are a number of other features which I would say will be more apparent after a while.

    And on the negative

    7. Online access didn't work out of the box, it took a techi 15 minutes but it should 'just' work
    8. Online gaming didn't work with Medal of Honour until a techi took over an hour of tweaking and slaving ports etc.
    9. It gets incredibly hot, not to be used in confined places

    And overall

    10. I am happy with it. The WMP is worth £200 or so on its own, blu-ray as we know is a lot more, the wifi is £60 and the wireless controller £25 for the Xbox360 not to mention the Xbox 360 costing 279 or so. Therefore, I think the purchase of the PS3 is better value than the XBox360.

    Whether the machine itself is better for games, I cannot comment but plenty of others have. Certainly there are more games on the market for the Xbox but I suspect that is a matter of time.

    I thank you,

    MrHap0 (online ID)
  2. Thanks Mr Happy, I'm banned by the Current Mrs Bat Crab from purchasing a PS3 until early next year when 'the price has come down a bit'. Glad to hear it will be worth the wait.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Just to clarify point 6 (above). As standard the PS3 will play MP4 format movies, however, most stuff you download isn't MP4 so you'll need either:

    (a) to convert your downloaded movies to MP4


    (b) load codec's into your PS3. These can be found for £29.99 here: [lnk]http://www.softsland.com/ps3_video_converter.html[/lnk]
  4. I've always been interested if the PS3 is worth the hype, I've wanted to know if you could tell if the graphics on PS3 were significantly better than what you got with the PS2 or just the same. What I mean is, before you got the PS3, would you have walked into the room of someone playing a PS3 game and looked at the screen thinking 'WOW'?
    And one (apparent) other negative is that it doesn't play any of the previous playstation games.
  5. only if you're playing on a HD telly. otherwise they're really nothing to write home about.
  6. It is the dog's gonads.

    Stunning graphics, on an HD screen, and yes most PS2 games are compatible.

    There's a website listing which games are compatible:-


    There's a major price cut on the way so dont buy it yet, wait till Xmas when it should be significantly cheaper.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    PS2 games I've got are playing fine. Rumours circulating that it ain't compatible are from the XBox loyal fan base.

    Quality wise, I have to say I'm playing on 40 inch plasma and its not as good as I thought it would be. Its not HD though.

    I'll stuff in a PS2 game tonight and compare and report back..

    Re prices, all euro-PS3's are the same so if you are abroad just check the price and buy one. The Highstreet in Gib was selling them for about £375 IIRC.
  8. Now, that's interesting. That was one of the three reasons (the others being price and whether to believe the PR hype) why I didn't pounce on the thing when it first came out. Good thing I got a HD anyway but that price needs to drop further than the £400 it is now in the UK.
  9. Hmm, I was going to get a PS3, but then I've decided against it.

    You could build a pretty decent specced PC for about the same money (that's if you already have stuff like a monitor, keyboard, speakers etc.).
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    As far as I can tell 13 year olds fall into the pure SONY or pure XBox clubs and each clan spreads rumour and misinformation about the other. I've seen video's on YOU TUBE where the graphics of A vs B (pick your side) demonstrate one is crapper than the other, I've seen technical articles about how the techy dtuff (codec's, bit rates, ports etc) prevent using old PS2 games etc etc.

    I have also seen precious little in the way of a decent review, either in a mag or from a genuine user. It was because of this that I waited and waited to see which was right. I am pretty sure I made the right decision but have access insight to the Xbox 360.
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    A few other features I forgot to mention.

    the PS3 wireless controller is motion sensitive, like the WII controller. So when played Call of Duty 3 if you give the console a hard right hand anti-clockwise twist you butt stroke the bad guy! On teh Blades (wings?) of Glory fighter game you can treat the controller like the yoke of a fighter, twisting and turning the plane etc.

    other features (I discovered this week) is the WWW using a wireless keyboard and the built in browser.
  12. You selling these things on commission? You seem impressed with it, good for you. I found the price tag too offputting myself. I got a Wii, and even though the games haven't exactly been coming through thick and fast, the ones I have got are fantastic. I still see it as less of a risk because of the 200 euro price tag.

    It depends on your perception of "Next-Gen Gaming" really. Graphics whore or gaming purist? I personally would have preferred the Wii to have a bit more 'oomph', but I can understand reasons for holding back on the power.

    Either way it's safe to say that gamers have been spoilt for choice this time round, with all consoles offering something unique. Who knows, I may plump for a PS3 myself when the price comes down, but I'll have to run that one by the wife first ;)
  13. Blu-ray movie payback is brill, standalone Blu-ray players still cost £500 remember so you're getting that built-in.

    The wireless controllers are also great, they use Bluetooth which is so damned convenient. No line of sight needed, you can just about sit with your back to the screen and they still work! My PS2 controller cables were the one remaining thing that cluttered up my living room and that's gone.

    The multimedia features are very nice too. I've just bought a new Sony W80 digi camera and being able to just plug it in and show everyone your snaps on a HD screen is simply amazing.

    I was very anti-PS3 until I actually played it and have been eating humble pie ever since. :oops:

    I have a Wii as well and I view the PS3 as complementary to it, so get one!

    Oh yeah and online PS3 gaming is free, unlike the Xbox 360 where you have to fork out for yearly membership.
  14. I have to admit that from the two, I'd prefer the PS3, even without the massive catalogue of games that the 360 has going for it. I owned a PS1 and PS2, but felt they started to lose their way a bit around the time of the PSP. Either way, the Wii will do me until PS3 prices begin to fall, hopefully by that time there'll be a few more games to go with it.

    Just out of interest - a lot of people put down the Wii's software line up (So far it's rather poor, admittedly). I just wanted to know how many decent games are on the shelves for the PS3 at the moment. (This may have some bearing as to whether I buy one sooner rather than later.)
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Re games for the PS3

    I have Blazing Angels, a WW2 dogfight sim thing, its pretty good but not exceptional (I find the flying be a bit tricky). So far haven't managed to play online.

    Call of Duty 3 is good fun as a first player shootem up but its no Battlefield 2.

    Fear is out but I own it on the PC so won't be investing twice. A couple of other games that look OK but not for me at this time. Basically I tend to play a game to death (PC Command and Conquer Generals is still my fave) so I'm not the most prolific buyer of games.

    Re WII. It looks absolute crap to me and the reviews of the First shooter type games are very dissipointing however friends say that at a party its the best thing since vodka jello shots off Tiffiney's arrse...