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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Nuts_McAuliff, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Moving house yesday I saw an a Merlin doing a touch and go in Worksop of all places. Being a bit of a spotter I think it was one of the new Danish Merlins HC3A.

    Anyone know what it was upto, jolly or hush hush.

  2. Yep, it was doing touch and go's at Worksop.
  3. These Merlins are painted in Danish OG, as they are part of a cancelled Danish order. (So a Crab at the Biggin hill Airshow told me, when I asked why it was such a funny, almost metallic green. He said eventually they will be repainted in a darker UK scheme)
  4. touch and go or the "T'nG" is a thing of rare beauty commonly used by truck drivers with the turtles head as they bomb down the motorway cursing the europratts that put speed limiters on the trucks, it describes the bombing mission style of 5hitting you have to do when on the deadline for a delivery. Out the cab undoing the trousers as you hurtle across the parking area, into the karzi first empty trap the Touch down unload and go leaving a lovely bowlfull for the next mondeo driving rep to find.....

    hope that helps.
  5. So, to translate Ark, it's a land, roll/unload/maneuver, then take off again. It's great fun.

    The merlin was probably on exercise or training, there was an RAF base in Worksop, closed in the 60's in a massive cut of loads of the little bases. It's common for them to do landaway practices at places like that. Could also have been co-operating with army or SF, doing drop off practices, they're extremely common, I've seen (well heard), Hercs doing rolling drop offs on dis-used RAF strips near me.
  6. Bit of a spotter question. The Andrew use Mk1s (HM1) and the Crabs 3s (HC3). Whatever happened to the Mk2?
  7. Its been given space for the HM2 Navy Merlin sometime in the dim and distant future.
  8. Not a cancelled order the Danes actually had them for a while, lowest mileage was 60 hours. Good to know that they are using them after all my hard work, but surprised that they are still in UK. :D
  9. What was once RAF Worksop/Carlton is long gone (not even an overgrown runway left) but it's not unusual to see rotary stuff in that neck of the woods. Less so since the demise of Finningley but still not uncommon.

    May've been a drop in at Welbeck.
  10. So the question still remains, disregarding ark_angel's less than helpful response: what the fück is this "touch and go"? I'd genuinely like to know.

  11. So the question still remains, disregarding ark_angel's less than helpful response: what the fück is this "touch and go"? I'd genuinely like to know.

  12. [Wah filter on]

    An approach to a landing point, a landing and then a take off.

    [/Wah filter off]

  13. Thanks indeed, Flashy. Your "wah" filter wasn't needed in this case, since I really did have no idea of what was what. Which is why I asked.

    More thanks are needed for not referring to this (me) as a "t'ickie bog-trotter's caper", which it probably was in your estimation.

  14. I thought the HC2, was the callsign for the transitional stage between HC1 and HC3? I may be wrong though.