What I like about the Army/RLC.

Dont worry this aint going to be a whining session!!!!!!
I do have some good to say about the Army.

The Army pays me to go away adventure training.
I love adventure training and I love going away on adventure trg(AT) courses. The best about it is I get paid shit loads (well plenty) to go away and do the courses. I have done a couple of civvy courses which I enjoyed immensley but the only drawback was the cost, and the fact that it was run over a weekend.

My only regret is that I didnt get to go away on AT courses when I was a younger soldier I would have been a lot higher qualified than I am now.

I must have one whinge and that is that the Sqns and Regts dont promote AT courses enough for the younger guys, these courses shouldnt be looked upon as "swan" courses they are a valuable tool for building up moral courage and inner strenght after all it takes a lot of bollox to throw yourself of twenty foot waterfalls in a kayak or to climb exposed rock faces hundreds of feet up.

Moral of the story...... All you young soldiers out there keep badgering you troop staff to let you get away on an AT cse you will enjoy it. (Dont worry about the playstation it will be there when you get back.
Prime example of can't please all the people all the time...........

I cannot abide 'Adventurous training'!
No, the reasons I dislike ATrg are:

It's rarely adventurous
It's invariably when I'm not on duty (thereby stealing a precious weekend)
It's usually at extra cost to me
I find most of the instructors slightly bizarre.

I do look like my avatar, but I've seen Everest (and I walked in, I didn't fly), I've climbed many a face up to E3, I've sailed dingy things, Canadians and the other canoes, ski-ed on 3 continents and have instructed in a few of the disciplines. But (a big huge but) I did most of that before I joined the Army and I did it for fun. Venture Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, even just mates going to Snowdonia for a laugh.

I've always enjoyed the p1ss up on Atrg - just a long way to go!

(I did do some of those ATrg Inst cses in the Army - I was sent - then they firstly stopped me from going to instruct 'cos some work was important then secondly changed all the quals and mine weren't valid anymore. Now I'm too old and idle - oh and fat!)
jonny_bored_bollox said:
Fatblerk is the reason you dislike AT cause you resemble your Avatar?
Superb example of an ad hominem attack.I may resemble my avatar(and Fat Blerk's) but I do not provoke World Wars :lol:
I go on Adv Trg because I get off my big fat arse and organise it myself.

It is not difficult!
I go on Adv Trg because I get off my big fat arse and organise it myself.
Well lucky you. Why don't you put a PPP in and get posted to a unit were you have to work for a living.
Adventure Trg was great if you weren't on endless Ops.

Even when you did spend hours & hours planning and organising a trip - your blokes resented the fact that you were making them do something. I gave up in the end.

May I suggest changing the sail whilst going head on in a force 8 is challenging in the same way as licking the battery terminals from a 4 tonner.

I, like fatblerk, look (and act) like my avatar.

Avatars - yes I look like mine as well - or so my missus tells me.

Good thread to start Jonny
Do excuse me for butting in on your forum (or don't NFI). Felt driven to add my 2p worth.

Had a wonderful time doing advtrg whilst I was in, did all the normal stuff plus a couple of more unusual ones.

Then ended up instructing and planning organising.

I can relate to the problems of having your quals removed/downgraded 'cos some tit of a teacher kills half a dozen kids whilst sea kayaking amongst others. Plus the blokes total lack of interest in going off for the normal weeks AT in the summer.

Found an excellent way to motivate the guys in my last unit though.

Normal weeks package of canoeing/climbin/walking/drinking etc but (this was in Bavaria) I found a rather unusual swimming center up in the hills... the swimming pool was the normal "water park" type place but upstairs was this enormous sauna area with about 15 different types of sauna and steamrooms and the like.

Nothing unusual about that except that it was a mixed FFK (nude) only area and it was always full of women 8O

Had guys volunteering for a second weeks AT that year.
AT - love it, we just don't do enough. UK and Hartz Mountians are a bit boring but when you move onto Bavaria, Canada, Norway etc it can be awesome. Problem with running AT is ability groups. To move on and get some real adventure you need an able group. As every year you have to start from scratch no one moves on from capsize drills on a lake. Why on earth did we close all those Huts in Bavaria - it was worth going just for the beir!
Totally agree, it was a shame all the Corps and Regimental huts went, I think the only one still running is the REME lodge and Reme Hotel. The RLC should get of their Arrse and get one, then units could use it all year round, then units could use it and not have to worry about booking one of three Tri Service lodges which are always busy.

If anyone with clout is reading I would gladly go and do the Chief Inst job!!!!!!!
Have heard about the naked saunas in the hills, but I dont have enough control over my little pecker to be able to parade in front of loads on naked women.
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