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What I have learnt from ARRSE this week

Well, this week has been quite enlightning for me. So far I understand that

1. Scotland is close to becoming a Stalinist Dictatorship
2. Conspiracys dont actually need any evidence to prove they exist, infact the less evidence the better
3. Britain as a whole is on the verg of becoming an Islamic state unless we deport anyone/everyone who is a muslim
4. Islamaphobes dont do irony
5. If everyone was armed with assault rifles we would all live in one great big utopia like Switzerland.

Have I missed anything?
The ARRSE Outrage bus has done too much Tyre mileage to be able to be booked out by JAMES

And the IRON kicked everyones ARRSES and became the ARRSE fantasy football champion again

Think the other key points have been mentioned though.
10. The Snail has been honoured by the Native American Society for her stalwart work in the field of heavy drinking and shall henceforth be known by her Arapaho name "White Lightning".


Gosh you guys are dull:

11. That one can get oral thrush.

Now that is education, the rest is the usual arrse wipe.

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