What I Did On My Summer Holiday

I see that 'war hero' (or w*nker which ever you prefer) Tim Collins has now been paid by the Mail on Sunday to provide them with an essay (5,000 words or less) on what I did on my summer holiday.

http://www.land.army.r.mil.uk/landc...050214 - ARMY - Demob happy on Cote dAzur.pdf

Is anyone in the world remotely interested what this kn*b does for his holidays. Is he the only person ever to have driven to the South of France? It's hardly on the Ellen MacArthur scale of things is it.

Still I presume he needs the money - 5 kids - no boarding school allowance any more!

Sorry the URL is Land Web linked - if anyone can find a 'normal' link to post here then well done!

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