What I am willing to put up with to join the Army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by norse_yoda, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. My friends taking the piss out of me moments after my death.

  2. The flower of German female youth throwing themselves at me as I keep the Soviet third shock army at bay!

  3. not just your friends either
  4. Bullets, Bombs & Being Bullied might be some options to consider.
  5. Christmas duties
  6. To quaff large amounts of cheap beer in the Mess!

  7. Blokes sh!tting in your boots.
  8. Spitroasting a belizean bird while highfiveing your mate
  9. Not sure i need to put up with that - in fact i have paid good money to do that.
  10. The never ending abuse from school hippies and being told that they hope my dad doesn't make it back from Telic.

    The constant 'the army is all gay' comments....

    List goes on.
  11. Going home on leave only to be asked first question: "how you doing mate, when are you going back?"....Then wishing you were! :pissedoff:
  12. DO I KNOW YOU??????
  13. A man with gods own biggest facial furniture and pace stick, threatening to ride you like a Valkyrie across Valhalla is you can't present with the rest of the coy
  14. The fact that if you are good at sport, you get loads of time off to play it?

    And, the sh1te bit, getting over 700 quid a month LOA............... :D

    Edited for mongness :oops: