What hope for a British Obama?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GordonBrown, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. "Black-only shortlists and community organisation are the only way Britain will emulate the triumph of US political pluralism"

    Well, I wondered how long it would be before the shiftless ba$tards would start suggesting a 'person of colour' would be better at running the country.

    Just two days before the gruniad launched their campaign:

    Miserable Left Newspaper Linky

    If nothing else, it should boost support for the BNP.
  2. What a load of utter c0ck.

    It has taken hundreds of years for the black population of the US to achieve a status that is still, in general, significantly below that enjoyed by ethnic minorities in this country since their arrival over the last few decades. Moreover, despite the best efforts of the multiculturalists, race is not a primary factor in politics as it is in the US.
  3. Is there a newspaper today that is more out of sync with it's readership than the Grauniad? 99.99% of comments berate the article, and this has been going on for quite a while with every puff piece for Nu Labour.

    Still, makes it a good read for a right winger like myself! :D
  4. Yep he is getting a right shoeing in the comments section i didnt realise so many rational people read the Guardian
  5. CIf is actually a pretty good forum most of the time, though like all, there are certain blind spots and rabid posters/trolls.

    Must be the only place outside Socialist Worker where posters accuse each other of being Trots/Stalinists/Leninists etc. :lol:
  6. We should elect Tim Westwood as our next Black Prime Minister. Everyone wins.
  7. Rumoured that Tarique Guffaw will run on a dream ticket, with the former Persian kebab-seller turned NBPA-activist, once they have received their payouts from the Met.
  8. We've had a British Obama. His name was Tony Blair, and we all know how well that worked out.

    Be afraid, Septics. Be very afraid... :twisted:
  9. In this country we don't directly vote for a prime minister, a party elect themselves a leader, if they get a majority in Parliament then their leader becomes PM.
    If they elect a second rate leader just because he or she happens to be black/Asian or whatever, then they only do themselves a disservice. If that person does an awful job then the chances of subsequent leaders from ethnic minorities will inevitably be damaged.
    I'm sure we shall see party leaders from ethnic minorities let's just wait for the right one to come along because we all deserve the best.
  10. usual b*llsh*t from the Beeb! by its own admission the %age of black/ethnics in Britain is 3%.

    I like the comment from the actor " with the House of Commons dominated by public school-educated, white males. "

    sorry, I thought the commons was currently dominated by Labour party full of the scottish socialist mafia!

    of course, the BBC would never think to point out that a woman was PM almost 30 years ago (course, as a Tory, she doesnt count).
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  12. I wonder what will happen to David Lammy MP? Will he just be the Member of the House who happens to speak to the President of the United States once a month on the phone? or will Brown and Co exploit this connection? "Minister for the Special Relationship" perhaps.
  13. The day that people vote for a Leader soley because of their Religion, Race or Colour is a sad day indeed.

    What we need, is the best person for the job, and no other..
  14. It happened in the US not so long ago and what happens there usually finds it's way here sooner or later