What hold does Mandy have?

Sorry but this Mandelson thing, why is he regarded as so powerful?
He was just an MP who Tony made Minister without Portfolio (meaning he didn't really have a job but just got paid the extra). Then he got put in charge of the Millenium Dome (which should have confined him to obscurity there and then) and finally on the DTI. Only a year after that he got caught fiddling loans for a house and got kicked out which should have been the end of his political career, there and then. But, no, Tony brought him back and put him in charge of NI making absolutely no friends whatsoever. Then came the Hinduja case which should have ended any political career he ever had. Before the next election, it was decided he should stand down and was appointed a EU Commissioner.
Now, this is where my problem lies. He was found to be a crook (in my mind, he lied to get monetary benefit, ergo a crook). Off he jolly well goes away from mainstream politics and should have, by all that is great and holy, died a political death (albeit with tons of dosh coming in because he was/is a regular traveller on the gravy train). But, again, no. He comes waltzing back into British politics as an unelected bod and is suddenly "a great statesman" - "a kingmaker" - made a Lord (and what an incredibly debased title that has become) - "the power behind the throne" and is now de facto Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with more titles and posts behind his name than a great big thingy with titles and posts behind his name.
Just what hold does this failed crook have over our so-called leaders? He is a self-professed poof (it would be an insult to gays to call him that) whose private life (which is not-so-private) involving Brazilian boyfriends would have had him kicked out of any self-respecting government in the world but he keeps going on and getting ever more powerful! Will he, eventually, fade into the ether when Labour gets its well-deserved booting out in the near future? Or, as an unelected Peer of the Realm, will he continue to wield an inordinate amount of power?
It just baffles me that this person, who should either be in prison or out there being forced to work for a living, has suddenly ended up in the position he is in, getting paid vast sums of money from the taxpayer simply to keep Gordon and his cronies in power.
Explanations, please.
Mandy is the King maker supremo, simple as that.

He was given over to Brown and Blair during the Kinnock days, in order to mentor them, and bring them both on for a future senior role within the party. He chose to back Blair, even though reports suggest that he was actually closer to Brown. He long ago realised that his political career would last longer as a Machiavellian intriguer.
He is cherished by any labour leader because chances are he made them. Mandy is also not a threat. He doesn't want to lead the party but is sufficiently intelligent to be a useful sounding board for new policies etc, without shafting the boss. So long as there is a Labour party you will find Mandy at the centre of power, stirring the sh1t and essentially leading the party.
Firstly,Labour are not in power,nor has any administration since the 50's truly been anything other than merely in office.
Secondly,one has to appreciate that there are other much more powerful influences at work controlling industrially-enslaved nations such as ours.I give you one such example-the Bilderberg committee.Founded in 1954 at Oosterbeek in Holland,these people hold annual meetings amid conditions of great secrecy.They consist of top business leaders,politicians,and representatives of the world's media(the reason one does not hear much about their deliberations).Every single UK PM since then has been to one or more of their meetings(to receive 'advice' ref: policy).If one recalls the events of November 1990,when Margaret Thatcher was unceremoniously booted out of No.10 when she balked at surrendering Britain's sovereignty,then it is not a huge leap of the imagination to realise that there more powerful influences at work when policies are determined.
Hope this helps.
For Blair, the reasoning was that Mandleson did much to make Labour electable (not as much as the Major government did, but when giving credit for success, 'we were less crap than they were' isn't really good for morale - you have to hand out the plaudits somewhere). He was involved with the party's PR in the late 80s and came to be regarded as a 'good chap' - importantly by both Blair and Brown, who were the leading lights amongst John Smith's team.

His relationship with Brown only became poisonous when Mandy decided that the public would vote in larger numbers for the more telegenic Tony; Brown has never really forgiven him for that.

To Blair, therefore, it was a no-brainer that he should reward Mandleson with a cabinet post; it was equally inevitable that as he was the leading Blairite, TCB would want to keep Mandleson in the cabinet, hence the hasty return after the first resignation.

After the second resignation - which Blair is reputed to have felt guilty about - bringing him back as a cabinet minister was politically difficult at best, so Blair rewarded Mandleson for his support by making him the EU Commissioner.

When Brown took over, he had every intention of leaving Mandy in Europe. However, by alienating the Blairites so well (about the only thing has ****ing done well since taking over), Brown found that he needed a prominent Blairite in the cabinet. Applying LBJ's principle that it was better to have Mandleson in the tent urinating outwards, rather than standing outside micturating in the general direction of the PM, Brown called him into cabinet to shore up his position - Gordon's idea being that by making Mandleson prominent, he would be less likely to support plots by Blairites to depose our dear PM.

Sadly for Gordon (and possibly for us), as Brown's authority has declined further, Mandy is now the only 'big beast' left in the cabinet. And since Gordon is a dead man walking in the eyes of the media, Mandleson is the only one adroit enough to hold the cabinet together.

I would suggest that he's in effect now taken over many of the PM's party political functions on the principle that he might manage to hold the party together as they head for the election, since Brown now just blunders around bumping into the furniture, his credibility shot.
But that doesn't answer the question of why Mandy is the, as so succintly put, the "big beast". He was a non-entinty (well, maybe not quite that) but he was simply a little bit of pond life that got caught. OK, he was in the news a lot (for all the wrong reasons) but he wasn't a great bit player, like Home Sec, Foriegn Sec or whatever. In fact, he was seen as a bit of a toad and a liar. But he goes off to the EU and comes back as the Lord of Darkness, a great and powerful statesman whose words the press (paper and electronic) seem to cling to as if it was the second coming (or, in his case, the third or fourth coming).
Just why has he gone from a Brazilian bonking crook to one of the most powerful men in Britain?
I' m not one for conspiracy theories but, in this case, he must surely know something about those who rule over us or else he would be doing a stint at Her Majesty's pleasure or, if there were any justice in this world at all, be getting sucked to death by leeches somewhere up the Orinoco (and, yes, that is a metaphor).
I just despair that, with all his grandiose titles, he will continue having such an influence over our lives when the son of the manse is confined to history as the most ineffectual Prime Minister in living memory. (oh, and if anyone thinks Tony is going be President of Europe they are living in cloud cuckoo land.)
Tony will never be president. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio" and Bliar isnt one of them. (This red wine is good shit!).
eodmatt said:
Tony will never be president. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio" and Bliar isnt one of them. (This red wine is good s***!).
You reckon?
Are you absolutely certain that the price for selling out the UK to the EU isn't his stint at President? Are you absolutey sure that deal wasn't signed and sealed with the French and Germans several years ago?

I think you seriously underestimate the power of the brown envelope and just how deeply corrupt Blair is.
He was a 'big beast' of New Labour, ex, that's the point.

Mandleson was Minister Without Porfolio to begin with - which gave him the ability to interfere in the PR aspect of all departments to some extent and to be Tony's cheerleader-in-chief. That gave him enormous influence within the party and government itself.

He then went into the cabinet proper at the DTI - why? Because Blair needed to show that New Labour was business friendly and needed his slickest PR operator there; also, it gave Blair another supporter in cabinet.

That's why he brought him back in NI, too - skilled dissembler with high public profile requried after Mo Mowlam went.

Think of him as the power behind the throne to Blair, which then places his cabinet jobs into a broader relief, exercising far more power and influence from an early stage than might be thought, not least since he was possibly the most trusted ally Blair had.

The press aren't, I'd suggest saying that he's a great statesman - rather than he is the only notable character in the current cabinet of very little talent. Brown is a busted flush and PM in name only - Mandelson is his life support machine. If Mandy pulls the plug, Brown goes. Brown knows it, Mandelson knows it and so do the press. And since this means that he has incredible influence in the government, that's why the press watch his every word.
Jagers me old mate, (sorry to be so familiar, we have never met, but I am currently pi ssed) Bliar is a relatively small fish. The Chairmans and the Frogs both want power and the Italians want to be first to suck the winners coc k and at the same time they would all like to relegate UK and its Empire to the scrap heap of history. This goes way beyond the lure of the brown envelope and involves the future power bases of Europe and influence elsewhere. On the face of it democracy is at work. In reality Bliar is likely to be fu cked over and discarded, unless he displays even more treasonable behaviour than he already has. In which case God help us.
He is political 'Royalty' so to speak.

His grandfather was Herbert Morrison who was Deputy Prime Minister under Attlee, so it obvious that his family have had a lot of influence for a long time.
JonnoJonno said:
'........ even though reports suggest that he was actually closer to Brown'.

'........ without shafting the boss'.

'..........find Mandy at the centre of power, stirring the sh1t.........'.

My bolds. Could you expand on the phrases above that you used? :twisted:


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The key to this is thatbesides getting Bliar as Pres of the EU (and Cherie as 1st 'Lady') we get Mandelbum as Bliar's highly-paid 'chef du cabinet'. So Mandy is working flat out for himself (surprise). The irony is that our freedom now rests on the Irish of all people.

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