What have you seen your wife buy?

Anyway at my mates house having a pee, and looking around the bathroom, when I saw next to the shower a bottle of "Beyond Blond"?
Right she might be blond ish, but how much thicker than blond can you get?
It's not an image it's reality! Blonds are just thick. If you don't get this VO5 Beyond Blond is for you!
Isn't it 'blonde' for females and 'blond' for males? Maybe it belongs to your 'mate'.

You big puff.
What have you seen your wife buy? Easy answer... fecking tosh. TSO comes back from work every day with "bargains". Just because that piece of really fecking expensive steak is reduced by £1 doesn't mean you have to buy it. Today's "bargain" was a bottle of red at £7.99 instead of £8.99... I'm gonna force her back to the cheap Sainsbury's plonk... I wish she guzzled white cider - 3l for £2.99 or something.

As for bog-rolls! She eats the freaking things, I'm sure, and then goes to the local corner store where Iqbal sells her four rolls for £!. Clever how they make those rolls with larger than normal cardboard in the middle. As for sliced loaves... you know who you are Mr. Pankhania. Carefully opening the plastic and removing a couple of slices off each loaf is a real cnutty thing to do.
A thread on "what have you seen your wife buy" morphs into one on how the fuckers can get through bog roll, but Jesus H Fucking Christ, how the fuck do they do it? Bog roll disappears in the schweik household as if we're some sort of Andrex Puppy adventure play area. I myself am extremely frugal - one up, one down and one to polish. But Mrs Schweik gets through it like shit goes through a goose. End result is that areas of Scandinavian forest equivalent to three and a half belgiums are decimated every year.

Its one of those things (and there are many others) that I do not understand about the female sex. But don't rush to enlighten me because I don't think that I want to know!


Mrs. Rutar always gets excited over saving 50% on stuff at the sales. I ask her to imagine how exciting it would be to save 100% by not buying the fucking thing at all. Never fucking works though.
My ex used to go through shit-rolls like they were going out of fashion as well. I swear she could do a 12 pack in a week. Finally realised it was because her arse was so big she needed half a roll every time she took a shit.
Mine too, I always thought it was because they had two bottoms.
What is it with women and feckin' shoes?

I don't think a week goes by without my missus buying at least a couple of pairs. Either shoes or friggin' handbags. Imelda Marcos syndrome no doubt.

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