What have you seen at the Theatre lately?


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There are plenty of threads re films, books, DVDs etc so how about one for the Theatre?

On Wednesday I went to see a show for the first time in years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why I stopped going in the first place (other than I got divorced and did not find anyone else to enjoy theatre with me :yawn: )

The show I saw was the stage play of Calendar Girls in the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh. It was an excellent show. Before you lot go on about watching middle-age/old women getting their kit off - it was all "Done in the best possible taste!" (thanks Kenny) :cool:

Really it was an excellent production and is touring UK so if you get a chance to go along and see it, please do. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Let's have some theatre based reviews/comments so people can decide whether to take in a particular show or not.

I went to see Spamalot last Wednesday. Possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen, laughed so hard that it hurt. Hadn't been to the theatre since watching Hamlet during my GCSEs many many moons ago, and am now seriously thinking about going on a more regular basis.


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Been to the Opera quit a bit but not to the theater since I saw " The New Statesman" about three years ago
over the last year I have been to the theatre a few times, some good some bad (new bird took me)

war horse is fantastic and you must go and see it, as people have said on here in the past what they do on stage is amazing.

Avenue Q, very funny indeed a rude stage puppet show I got told off for laughing during the shagging bits

waiting for godot, the most painful experience of my life utter utter shite (even the misses fell asleep)

sweet charity, have no idea what it was about but tamzen outhweight looked good dancing on stage

and tonight I am off to see Danton's Death at the national theatre, I shall update what it was like on Monday! I have no idea what it is going to be like
I go to a lot of theatre, living in the smoke like I do ...
Musicals - usually on my lonesome
But I do have tickets booked for "Yes Prime Minister" for October, birthday pres for DH. David Haigh whos "Inspector Grim" in the Thin Blue Line is priceless.
Went to see the Jersey Boys on Saturday. Brilliant show, superb singing and well worth going to see.
Ok its my era of music but can't sing it's praises enough.
Jeeves & Wooster Perfect Nonsense is on tour and is bloody brilliant.
Caught both of the plays based on Hilary Mantel's books (Wolf of Wolf Hall, Bring out the Bodies) up in London last year. Both were very, very good. Thomas Cromwell was played by Ben Miles from TV's Coupling. His was a far more humorous interpretation than the recent BBC version but not lightweight either.

Tickets for The Audience with Helen Mirren were pricey, as they were in high demand, but the play itself was superb. Had my arm twisted to go and see that, as I was just off a plane from somewhere and jet-lagged to buggery, but I'm really glad I went.

One of the most remarkable and unusual of recent times was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. The lad playing the lead won an Olivier award, which was well-deserved.

And Blood Brothers is always worth seeing. I don't generally do musicals (The Commitments was at best average) but I've seen it with a couple of different casts and both times have been good.

Bloody hell, look at me being all cosmopolitan. I'm off to iPlayer Top Gear... just to take the edge of it.

Living abroad as I do, I haven't been to the theatre in about 8 years I reckon, which is a shame as I do enjoy it. However this weekend I will be going to my first play since moving to Asia....A children's version of Robin Hood :(
Lowering the tone!

Alan Carr,,,,,,I know I know the Mrs dragged me along don't judge me.
Judge what? Your choice of Theatre fare or choice of wife?
Not my usual taste in humour but seeing him live I had quite a chuckle. Actually momentarily thought the Mrs meant Jimmy Carr when she told me she bought the tickets and found my self have a slight palpitation as he is quite good at ripping people to bits in the audience, I unfortunately had a moment at a circus a few years ago when I got pulled out of the crowd and was made to have a dance off with a clown in front of my kids and about 300 people, very very embarrassing,,,,,,,
Cirque du Soleil, at the Albert Hall.

The most mental, cunning stunts (and some stunning....ladies too) on the trapeze and high wire.

Two performers running back and forwards on the high wire, then with a performer on their shoulders.

Then they ride pushbikes, with a performer standing on their shoulders.

They then connect two cyclists on the high wire, with a shoulder mounted frame and bar set up, then a third performer balances a chair on the bar, and stands on it while the cyclists pedal back and forwards.

No safety net.

Incredible stuff that you can preview on youtube.
Sunny Afternoon at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London. Based on the life and times of the Kinks in the early sixties, with the 1966 World Cup used as a background story. The story of the formation of the band, the fall out of two brothers over musical differences (well before the Gallagher's in Oasis!), their problems with the American Trade Unions, all set to a fantastic soundtrack of Kinks hits and copious amounts of very attractive young lassies dancing in mini skirts. Part musical, part Rock Concert and part tragedy, this is a wonderful show set in one of the quaintest theatres in the West End.
Highly recommended if you are a lover of high quality music and nostalgia.

sunny afternoon.png
The Buddy Holly Story - local theatre here in provincial New Zealand. The play was good, plenty of sing a long Buddy Holly songs too.

I've got tickets for my husband and I to see Alan Davies later this year and also Dyland Moran when they tour here.

We will see, 'Singin' in the Rain' in a couple of weeks' time in Wellington, New Zealand.

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