What have you hidden in your cellar?


Three massive oil storage tanks and the biggest boiler I've ever seen.
I thought it would be illegal to store all that oil under the house but obviously not in Germany.
It's all being converted to gas next year because the government told our landlord that the old system is too inefficient.

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If it was on numbers your 3 tanks trumps one mere single:) (but the German pensioner would then Finesse you with a “Partial V1 Rocket, Torpedo, Anti Aircraft Gun, a fantastic array of rifles/machine guns and One of the best Building Size Nazi Stone Eagles that probably exists!”

Them Oil tanks are a bugger to remove (your landlords problem:):))!! They normally have to be cut up in situe cause most of the rooms only have a small access door (tanks are normally dropped in and the roof concreted over), if it is like the one that was in my house then the door is at a level where if there was a leak that the Full Contents of the tanks would be contained (Like a BERM).
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it isn't so much a cellar , more a secret gues house, where my daughter/wife lives withn my granddaughter /daughter

I think I may just change my avatar and just post my photo
German houses must be huge going from the cellar sizes.
Some terraced houses and, houses converted into individual flats in the father land have communal heating systems, one boiler does many homes, the cost is split between them. Ours was in Bockenforde, lippstadt, One block of 4 flats. ;)


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German houses must be huge going from the cellar sizes.

It's probably a cultural contribution by the RAF.
German houses must be huge going from the cellar sizes.

My old MSQ in Willich was a nice house, but only a 2-bed. The floor plan was really quite basic, just a hall, kitchen, living room/dining room that ran the width of the house at the back, and staircase. Upstairs a bedroom the same size as, and above the living room/dining room, a smaller bedroom and a bathroom.

However, it also had a full cellar with 4 rooms and a full attic, with concrete floor. In fact all the floors were concrete. Just like the photo above of @kelvin_273's basement, they must have built the cellar walls, then used plain planks for the concrete form of the floor, and poured a floor. The attic was the same.

That house now has an attic conversion in private hands, as do most of the others in the street. So although the house had a relatively small footprint, it was quite large by virtue of having four floors. Which fvcked us over on our return to UK, with these stupid houses in Blandford that had no attics. Nowhere to store the original packaging/boxes which all your stuff came in, and that protected it during a move. Squaddies move? Really? Screw 'em, it's cheaper to build these houses without attics, so let's do that. Tw@s.


German houses must be huge going from the cellar sizes.
This was my house originaly


They get developed as the families grow, there was 9 people living there just after WW2.

Then a bit more development


And then there is enough room for 2 people in this modern world:)
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I've got a small living space I built in which I permanently keep my daughter and the grandchildren I had with her, it's a nice wee setup tbh
I just don’t see the problem with having a panther in your cellar, unless it was bombed up of course.

OK, the ammo is a bit naughty, but a €500,000 fine is a bit steep.


About to equip ours as a workshop.


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