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Yep, it's a photograph. And...........

It's originally from Amazon.


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More tumbleweed, more bells ringing.

Their sideburns appear to be about the right length. What is everyones opinions on the length of sideburns? I think to bottom of ear isnt to much of a stretch, as long as neatly trimmed.
i like my sidies at the bottom of my ear but the shouty man with a big egg on his upper arm tells me im wrong. he's much shoutier than i am so i am obliged to agree with him.


So, why is this a turn up for the books? I've got loads of pictures of Manjaca on my external hard drive.

Manjača camp (pronounced:Mañacha) was a concentration camp[SUP][/SUP] on mountain Manjača near the city of Banja Luka in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Croatian War and Bosnian War from 1991 to 1995. The camp was founded by the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) and authorities of Republika Srpska (RS) and was used to collect and confine thousands of male prisoners of Croat and Bosniak nationalities.

The camp was shut down under international pressure in late 1993 but was reopened in October 1995. At that time it was estimated that total of between 4,500 and 6,000 non-Serbs primarily from Sanski Most and Banja Luka areas have passed through the camp. When the camp was captured in 1995 by the Bosnian authorities some 85 corpses were found associated with killings at the camp. Some 1,000 people are still missing from the Sanski Most that were deported to Manjača camp.

Manjaca was never captured during the war and remains today in RS. In early 1996 both the former concentration camp and the neighbouring army camp were opened to IFOR personnel for inspection following the Dayton Agreement.
A sock puppet is a puppet made from a sock or similar garment. When the manipulator fits a hand into the closed end of the sock, the puppet can be seemingly made to "talk". The puppet's mouth is formed by the region between the sock's heel and toe, with the puppeteer's thumb forming a jaw. At a minimum the shape of the hand will instantly form the shape of a mouth, but sometimes the mouth is padded by putting in a fairly hard piece of felt (often with a tongue glued inside).

The sock is stretched out fully so that it is long enough to cover the puppeteer's wrist and part of the arm. Often, but not always, the puppeteer will hide behind a stand and raise up his or her hand above the stand so that only the puppet is visible. Many sock puppeteers, however, stand in full view along with their puppets and will hold conversations with their own sock puppets, using ventriloquism.
Is it a cryptic question? Surely the answer can't be two squaddies, one of whom has mildly objectionable sideys (depending on ones point of view of course)
that's just it,there is no point. it's a zen thread,geddit?
As most of the threads you start are.

I am taking a guess that you are trying to tell us that you are in this pic, and you hope that this will validate your war experience and explain your drivel. However, Manjaca was used for many years as a training area....so all we see is a pic of some squaddies that are probably on a cadre course or something.
pics gone now. i'm confused,which may have been the op's plan all along...
No, the pic is gone because as I stated above, I right clicked on the properties and located where it was originally downloaded from which was from the Amazon.com website.
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