What have the Yanks got against Wedding Parties?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 19, 2004.

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  1. http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1136031,00.html

    Flash, removed your topic starter, as I found a newslink.
  2. feckin cheers, PTP, you little attention grabber!! :lol:

    Not exactly good timing for the PR machine of the good 'ol US.

    I think we aint see the last of this kind of thing though as things really start to ramp up.

    Quick bit of recce trg.

    I know they are M1's but still a more viable target than some doris's in pretty frocks.
  3. [​IMG]
    Iraqi Wedding Party - Note Trumpet player and White Dress

    Not a wedding Party
  4. I was at a wedding last year, on which I would of quite happily called down an airstrike.

    My own :cry:
  5. Geez Louise:

    give the combat helo boys a break..

    out flying on patrol and in the early hours of the morning, in a remote region of the country next to Jordan/Syrian border, where people blame insurgents are sneaking into Iraq from, they see weapons fire directed into the air...
    now, I don't know about you but AK-47's and RPG's aren't on the noisemaker lists for most festivities...[ ooh, blame the lack of' cultural sensitivities ' ]...

    no one think to advise local authorities/ governing agencies that they'd be shooting up the desert at 2 in the morning just in case border patrol attack helo's might get jittery at the bullets and noise??

    hell, maybe they just wanted to add a little bigger bang to the party...and like all good receptions this one got out of hand...

    perhaps the Iraqi people might re-think ' ancient traditions ' in light of the ' new reality ' of the 21st century??

    or maybe , in the interest of redressing the problem, we can let Iraqi gunships overfly a block party in Detroit...
  6. Rocketeer - great attitude - change your culture because our boys, with tonnes of NVGs, cant tell the difference between incoming and a fecking wedding!
  7. Or perhaps the combat helo boys might like to get a clue instead? :roll:
    Sounds like a fair deal :D
  8. Rockeeer, apparently a ground C/S had investigated the noise earlier , and came back with "It's a wedding and the raggies are shooting in the air as usual"
  9. Bullets fired into the air for whatever reason can damage low flying aircraft when they don't fall back down on the shooters and friends...

    shooting off guns maybe a cultural thing..but, hey.. not everything cultural is good, relevant or appropriate to times, locales etc...just ask the Euros about the cultural activities of the English Soccer Fans...

    If, indeed, there were reports/ intel advising that gunfire was ' innocent ' and non-threat then those ' in charge ' who gave the orders to go in and let loose should face the consequences in proper military fashion... As much as I am a friend of the American military, I am well aware of a certain 'gung-ho ' element that discipline and chain of command finds difficult to control....call it a ' cultural ' thing
  10. Tw@t, it just shows that you think the rest of the world is striving to be American - certainly not the case. Learn about other cultures and try to deal with them. Mayby fly over the max height of small arms or fly around. I think the pilots heard about the gunfire and went 'hunting'.

    Correct about the English soccer fans - but please buy a map - the UK is in Europe too.
  11. How the hell do you hear small arms fire at 200 feet, and couldn't them fancy goggles see women and kids,doing the disco shuffel? or did our fearless aviators loose off 2 Kms out as usual? :?
  12. Not again !! i was a Medic in Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan in 2002, we had some of the Victims of that Wedding party,many of them Kids, ironically the planes had flown from Bagram to Bomb them.
  13. oneflewover:

    pardon my myopia from the colonies, but I though the UK didn't want to be in Europe [ except for Tony B. ] and that's why you still got pounds and pence and not Swiss chocolate coins as currency...

    as for the rest of the world striving to be American.. don't think so.. though you will admit, they all want the vast amenities of the American material culture... bet Abdul on Arab Street wouldn't turn down a Cadillac Escapade or whatever or the 50 inch plasma TV so he could watch re-runs of Friends, and adopt a number of western trappings if allowed despite the decadent secularity that will undermine his faith in Allah...to quote a number of mullahs and imams...

    Just have to look at the holier than thou Saudi Royal Family who shuck their burnooses and flowing robes as soon as the private jet clears Arabian air space to don Armani suits and Versace dresses and party away on their Amex Gold cards buying up everything at Harrods they can stuff in to the cargo holds...then return home to swear off booze, drugs and wild sexual encounters before Ramadan...

    ooh, call me a non-PC cynical bigot
  14. Rocketeer,

    Firstly you are thinking of a trade agreement - the European Union. Europe, the continent, does include the UK.

    Secondly, yes much if not most of the world does want material goods - but that is not an American idea, my plasma TV is based on a Scottish idea made by Japs. If 'Abduhl wants to addopt western trapping fine - but in his or her own country the have a right to their own!

    My grip is with your comments that they should relook at their culture to suit American operational practices. Your boys and girls work effing hard but some regard everything OCONUS as inferior. This attitude needs to change to start winning the peace.

  15. oneflewover:

    RE: your last post - on this we are agreed..As a Canajan, I decry a lot of the so called American Cultural Imperialism and the attitude that their ' stuff' is the best...Canada has been fighting to prevent a cultural takeover for generations [ and losing it seems most days - ] wouldn't wish that on anyone else...