what have the welsh given us ??

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by OSACIN, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. The Scots gave us whiskey amongst other things, the Irish gave us guiness and potcheen and the English donated real ale - but what have the Welsh given to the drinking classes ????
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  3. Cheeky Vimto?
  4. Reason for being thankful,

    Now thats a good enough reason for me
    All they are is Irishmen to lazy to learn to swim, and i'm all in favour of the Irish
  5. Best thing to come out of Wales is the M4
  6. The Worlds Smallest Hole!

    Researchers at Cardiff University's Manufacturing Engineering Centre have managed to drill holes in steel as small as 22 microns (0.022 mm) in diameter using a electro-discharge machining (EDM) process, and reckon they could be the smallest ever achieved.

  7. Cheese on toast and Catherine Zeta Jones.

    Two fine examples of Welsh rarebit that can be enjoyed whilst drinking.
  8. Anthony Hopkins. One sexy grandpa!
  9. Weirdo.
  10. Charlotte church in her latest video!! All bouncing norks, FMBs and basques!!!! PWORRRRRRR!!!
  11. Theres an outfit in Wales called "Celtic Country Wines", who produce some fairly interesting tipple.

    Their range includes:-


    Celtic original sloe gin

    Damson vodka

    Blackberry brandy

    Plus more varieties of wine than you could shake a sh*tty leek at isnt it.

    The spirits are all fairly tame (26%) but well worth a try look you.
  12. Cheese on toast.

    Nothing great can ever come from a country whose national dish is made under a grill.

    *edited due to my spastic keyboard
  13. Oh my god this ''old chesnut'' Well if you dont like the Welsh dont speak to us , I am sure we can survive with out your ''pearls of wisdom'' .
    To list a few -
    1)The six nations champions
    2)Charlotte Church
    3) Catherine Zeta Jones (i dont like her though)
    4)Brains Bitter
    5)Tom Jones
    6)Some of the best rock bands in the world
    7)Many soldiers are Welsh .(are you a soldier)
    8)Cheese on Toast
    9)Swansea and Cardiff two of the best nights out in Britain.
    10)Valley girls
    11)Ryan Giggs , Micheal Owen (yes he is welsh)
    the list goes on no doubt i will get ripped for this reply how ever i pity all of you for not being WELSH ,
  14. Jonathan Pryce
    Dylan Thomas
    Richard Burton
    Anthony Hopkins
    Tom Jones (okay a bit of an own goal there)
    Charlotte Church
    Shirley Bassey
    Timothy Dalton
    Ian Hislop
    Michael Heseltine
    Keith Allen
    Russell T. Davies
    Harry Secombe
    Geraint Wyn Davies
    Bryn Terfel
    Terry Jones
    Paula Yates
    Ioan Gruffudd
    Griff Rhys Jones
    Shakin' Stevens
    John Toshack
    Cerys Matthews
    Manic Street Preachers
    Lisa Rogers
    Jem Griffiths
    Kenneth Griffith
    Rhys Ifans
    Hywel Bennett

    Just a few names off the top of my head.
  15. Not forgetting a true appreciation of sheep on the hoof and the alternative use of the Wellington Boot! :lol: