What have the Spanish ever done for us?

Cheap holidays.

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The booze ain't bad

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Proved Darwinism with Bull fighting and the Pamplona bull run.
Provided targets for the RN for hundreds of years. Some people just do not learn . . .

Which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes.

Q. Why is the new Spanish fleet equipped with glass bottoms?

A. So they can look down on the old Spanish fleet.
Olive oil (The bottled stuff not Popeye's Mrs)
Indirectly they brought us this ...

Absolutely nothing. Now I'm going to have a Belgian omelette for lunch.
Season it with Arsenic you dull, drivel spouting, effeminate bag of pissflaps!
Are you Spanish?

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According to the list posted by Bushmills the Spanish invented scrubbers! Surely that can't be right - I thought they came from Pompey?
They colonised large parts of South America. Funnily enough, those countries are now every bit as cuntish as their motherland is now.

We smashed Argentina, hopefully Spain will also bring it on...

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