What have the Romanians ever done for us?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BrandySoured, May 6, 2009.

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  1. The Spanish ask themselves: http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2009/0...241521180.html (it's in Spanish btw).

    Basiclly it's a scheme whereby the Romanians can go home but still get their Spanish dole money sent to them.

    I think it's worthy of them for trying and I for one will be interested to see how it develops. Not that I'm against Romanians, I currently work with one who is a league ahead of me in technical competency and a very humble man to boot but, and the statistics support this, they do seem to be at root of a lot of problems through-out Spain and Italy.

    Should we do a similar scheme? Is there a 'target' group that the UK should focus on? Is it the thin edge of the wedge that leads to :cough: rampant nationalism?

    So many questions. So little beer at hand to assist in the solving.
  2. :D Its been tried many times unfortunately.

    The one you work with sounds like some of the Romanians I know and employ. Good, honest people. Its the rest who will be taking the money and returning time and time again.

    The Germans tried it with the Turkish guest workers and the hard-core crims and wankers returned.

    UK tried it for a few and/or deported some. Who somehow made it back?

    Perhaps a great big F*** off Tat on the forehead so those who control access to the UK , Spain, Italy and other nations can identify the returning wankers could be the way ahead.

    I doubt it would work. Talking to the Romanians I know. Pre the open borders and admission into the EU (limited I know). Amazing how cheap it was to bribe your way from Rumania to the UK or Italy. 8O 100 Euro stuck in the in the passport for the East and 200 Euro for the West. Border controls my arrse. Mid there are none now as we are all one big happy family.
  3. Why should we pay them? Like most here no problem if they come to work and pay tax however the Gypo beggers who flog the big issue should be sent right back. They have only come for one thing and that's the benefit system they are underclass in Romania and their government certainly didn't stop them coming over here. Someone else's problem :x

    My dad had one rock up at his work trying to sell the big issue at the doors was told to clear off by the security guard then started arguing with him. Gypo then gave up and left in a big black flash car Not exactly needing the money and a bit against the principles of selling the big issue.

    And I'm sure as fuck I'm paying taxes to send to a pikey who's not even British in his own country. Round them up and easy jet/Von Ryan air them home

    PS their accordion playing is shite as well
  4. I met a Romanian once. She was well fit!

    So in answer to your question..........They provide fit women (not the gypsie ones though, who are usually fat and look like your mother)
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    On the other hand, as this is an Army site, the Romanians - unlike the Spanish -are involved in the 'heavy lifting' end of HERRICK, doing a cracking job in Southern Afghanistan with a BG+. They've had quite a few fatalities (their Ramp Ceremonies are very moving, Orthodox Priests, Incense and all) and are generally pulling more than their weight as regards fighting.

    As for paying them their dole at home - I am pretty sure that we do the same, with many E Europeans who have left the UK to return home still getting their Social payments. Sadly, we've got the Government we elected........
  6. Eastern Europe labour classes are managed by gang-masters, so all you do is employ a quarter of the nastiest people from each particular population in this capacity.

    They will intimidate in such a way that those leaving know not to return. At the end of the mass exedus, you sell the gangmasters remaining as slaves to the next EU nation with issues or just chuck the lot into the sea (or the Isle Of Man- they'll choose the sea anyway).

    If you want to start a list of those few good people from amongst their number who are good for this country(and I have met a fair number to be fair) then just jot it down here and I'll see what I can do :wink:
  7. What have the Romanians done for us?

    Dracula (written by Bram Stoker but starring a Romanian)
    The discovery of insulin.
    The foundation of the Dadaist art scene.
    A first class conductor for the Bournemouth Philharmonic Orchestra.
    That seems to be it.
  9. Sorry, but it's not even that.

    Insulin? Banting and Best were not Romanians - and their work was done in Canada. Whole team was three Canucks and one Scot.

    So even less reason for them to be here. Oh sorry, there is another good reason.

    The potential for shoplifting is good.

  10. Nicolae Paulescu discovered his pancreatic elixir in 1916, I think, well before Banting and Best. They pinched the idea and got a Nobel Prize for it - the thieving Canuck barstewards.
  11. If you like toothless, gyppo women who smell...... actually, I see your point
  12. King of the Burpas - many thanks for the correction - you are quite right - I've never heard of Paulescu before. He's left out of all the standard texts and seems to be virtually unknown. Dammit, I've been teaching this aspect of science wrong for 40+years, trouble is if I had been teaching it right the kids would have been getting their exam answers marked as being wrong.
    Ta muchly!
  13. I met a Romanian once.
    Street hooker in Prague.
    Went up a dark alley for some *cough* oral relief (I was very drunk).
    Bitch tried pick pocketing me whilst having a mouthful of my cock.
    I didn't mind too much as I was pick pocketing her as well at the time, I pinched her fags.
    Sent her on her way though with a flea in her ear.
  14. Was it a flea? Or was it crabs?