What have the Labour Gobment ever done for us?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. What have they done in the last 12/13 years?
    I thought of the minimum wage.
  2. Ended tea breaks in tax offices, allowing a reduction in the number of civil servants.
  3. Added a million people to the public sector payroll.
  4. Introduced a Bazillion new law rather than enforce any, take us in to two wars whilst cutting resources. Make it worthwhile to go on benefits rather than work.
  5. Given the people of Britain the opportunity and the reason to rid themselves of the shackles of socialism for the next three generations.
  6. Maybe they could ban lunch breaks as well, that would really increase efficiency and help with downsizing.

    I'm not bitter, I just feel New Labour wrecked our defences. But you'll never hear me complain about them - much.
  7. They gave us Blair and Brown of course!

    Biggest comedy duo of the millenium :D
  8. Conversely, they did nothing at all to rid the people of the UK from the shackles of Capitalism forever. A good opportunity missed.

  9. Open the UK borders to mass immigration

    A welfare bill thats spiralling out of control
  10. You all missed it.

    The Fcuking Millenium Doom (No, not a typo).

  11. Bugsy wake up to reality mate, the socialist experiment has failed, the only thing that held it in place was fear, Eastern Europe has thrown off the shackles the rest of the world is following. It is contary to human nature. Capitalism has its faults but in the final analysis it is much more in tune with human nature, we all want the best for ourselves and our families and bugger the rest.
  12. Sanitation, roads...........sorry labour gov. Was thinking Romans.
  13. Labour brought us

    £5 plus a gallon for fuel
    A million more public sector workers to pay for
    The Lisbon Treaty
    3 million plus immigrants
    Welfare as a career option
    Blatant corruption
    A massive errosion of our hard won civil liberties
    The creation of a seperate law for politicians
    Sharia Courts in the UK
    Debt greater than we had in 1945
    Later retirement
    State sponsored mob rule in the form of UAF & Co
    An unbearable tax burden
    Gutted the Royal Navy

    Worst of all, they have made being British something we are no longer supposed to be proud of.
  14. Did I mention multi-fooking-culturism?
  15. Bollox and there was I thinking I was going to get that one in first.

    But in short Nowt for me don't know about anyone else because I don't associate with the idle and feckless which means I am unlikely to meet anyone that actually has benefited from a labour government