What have the Conservative Government ever done for us ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taffnp, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. As there is a thread running asking what the Labour government has ever done for us, seemed only natural to ask what the Conservatives have done for us.

    A few things which spring to mind

    Taken away our free school milk

    Introduced C1 training during the Falklands conflict

    Had 3 million unemployed

    Brought about the miners strike

    Introduce Council tax
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    They "maintained" the Forces, rather than scythe through them with a barely concealed socialist zeal. And (aside from the "Welcome Somalia" influx of the early 90's) didn't have an open door/conveyor belt immigration policy.

    Gave the impression of being tough on crime.

    Appear to hate the EU/single currency/Brussels + Strasbourg/Whole EU zone as much as I do.

    Thatcher fcuked off all those waster miners, stopped us becoming a Nation of strikers like our 'continental cousins'.

    Thatcher fcuked off Galtieri, when you just know that Cyclops or Cardinal Blair would have handed it over in a flash, trousers around their ankles, gleefully bent over. And they would probably offer them compensations too...
  3. They haven't been in power for 12 or so years not really relevant what they did that long ago. Totally different political arena, econemy, world stage.........

    Thatcher did see the problem with the big nationalised industries and in my opinion was bang on to get rid!!!
  4. Agreed they maintained the forces, our CO said he had a humungous budget to play with and we were able to train 4 weekends a month. Ranges, dems, allsorts.
  5. Magaret Thatcher - Nuff Said. :D
  6. Got rid of a labour one, always a winner that.
  7. Quite a number of things...

    Not sold us out to Europe.
    Not sold us out to the US.
    Not allowed immigration to go out of control.
    Not allowed PC to get out of control.
    Not sold of our gold reserves to fill their own pockets.
    Not brought the country to its knees.
    Not gotten us involved in needless costly wars.
    The list is endless.

    I think that the original question that prompted the OP to start this thread is much more relevant.

    I am not sure why the OP mentioned unemployed, officuial unemployment figures are nearing 3 million....I would like to know the real figure....it is probably double that knowing the lies that Labour tell.
  8. Sanitation.
    Straight roads.

    Oops sorry misread thought title said What have the Romans ever done for us etc etc etc.............TAXI
  9. Taffnp:

    "Brought about the miners strike

    Introduce Council tax"

    Cant remember the Conservatives calling the miners out on strike, and the council tax was much preferred by all and sundry after they rejected the (better in my opinion) Poll Tax.

    Its since 1997 that council tax has risen by large amounts on an annual basis, you can thank your friends in Labour for that.
  10. Conservatives put us in Europe in the first place!
  11. Probably really double, if you work 16 hours a week, as I often do, you are classed as in full time employment. There are also those on sick and incapacity, many of whom have nothing wrong with them.
  12. I'm pretty sure geography and plate tectonics takes the credit for that....

    I'll get me coat...."the black one with weener on it, that smells faintly of pee".
  13. options for change anyone?
    just before the balkans kicked off opps :twisted:
  14. Heath did the dirty deed,but it was Wilson who took us in! :roll:
  15. Strangely enough Heath has been leading the charge to get us out!