What have i done?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by DuklaPrague, Aug 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Was getting prepared to join, fitness going real well.


    Doing nothing at all i turned, my knee gave way forwards to the right, in pain I came back and did the same backwards with painful popping/crunching..

    Could not walk for a week, swollen for next two.....

    Have been to GP who said such injuries take time to heal (up to 12 weeks) and gave me pills and said come back.

    However, she consistently avoided the topic of what i had done and the injury i had done to it...

    4 weeks later still occasionally get sharp shooting pains and feel like its going to give way.

    What have i done and what can i do to speed up the healing.

    Please help, I am concerned that i will be walking like a loon forever!!
  2. Sounds like a bursitis pre patelaris (think thats what its called) size of a volleyball was / is it?
  3. Go back to your GP and insist on an answer - if she doesn't know, ask to see a specialist. You can't fcuk around with injuries like that - prompt treatment might make the difference between health and a degree of disability.
  4. sounds like you have possibly done a bit of damage to your cruciate ligament,i did the same thing years ago,what a b£$%^&d.have you did this knee before?.if so there's probaly some shit floating about under the knee cap,causing instability.
  5. Will go to another GP as suggested, alarm bells rang when she suggested carrying on running and swimming, As i half hobbled into the office.

    It was a swollen band across the top of my knee, pretty much visible through my trousers! going from my knee a couple of inch up my thigh.

    This has now become a slight swelling on the left hand side at the top. (left leg)

    The sharp pain seems to come in the bottom center/right of my knee cap almost feeling inside my knee and it clicks like when pop your knuckles.

    Any further advice to go into the doctors with much appreciated.



    Cheers for the help, no never done the knee before and never realised the ball ache of waiting for the sod to heal, really getting tedious now!! Is an operation needed to remove this if it turns out it is whats happened?
  6. yeah,i had the same problem,may be a piece of your cartlidge ,floating about inside,it may cause further problems in the future,if it floats into somewhere it's not meant to be.I had instability big style,ended up on my arse,more times than i care to remember.ended up getting (anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction ).cruciates fucked. get back to the DR's,don't take no for an answer,asked to be refered for an MRI scan.x-ray's are shite,show's u **** all.all the best
  7. If you can afford it, go straight to a reputable sports physio. After a series of totally w@nk advice from GPs (yeah, carry on upper body weight training when you've broken your sternum?!), I now sidestep them and go to people who know what they're talking about, and can treat the injury properly and straight away. It's certainly worth the £, especially where a career is concerned. I'm sure there are a good number of Drs who know about sports medicine, but med school in general does not prepare you properly for dealing with sports injuries (I should know, I'm a med student), in my experience it's tubigrip (which, incidently, has been shown not to improve outcome), voltarol and off you go.

    Good luck in getting it sorted, and for God's sake, rest it till it's better.

    C x
  8. try a chiropractor
  9. You have a right to know what is wrong, if your GP does not know, then you need to insist that you see a specialist!
    Sometimes my may not be able to give you an exact cause but they should tell you what is wrong - Patient's rights! Direct you GP to the NHS patient's charter if she keeps giving you crap!

    good luck hope it gets sorted!
  10. Many thanks for your help.

    From now on i may try here for help http://www.sacredhill.co.uk it looks quite good and more reliable than the old dear that i visited.