What have I done today?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Today I introduced/advised approx 30 Gurkhas how to find Arrse and Army .net on line...( it appears thsi is forbidden knowledge) to them........

    Well I am almost 70 yrs old!!!..and gained access to Army .net with a bit of smart thinking...so why not the Gurkhas....

    I just hope other people dont.............
  2. Well done mucker. Hopefully we'll start getting some input on this site from the Gurkha community.
  3. Gurkha's will always get my vote.

    They were my neighbours in Salamanca Park, Aldershot in the nineties when they made up a Coy of the Para Regt.

    They seemed to thrive on politeness and were never shy in inviting myself and my family to meals. You could not wish to meet a more giving section of the community.

    Their appetite for lycra clad women from the wrong side of the 'Shot always used to amaze me though!
  4. They are the biggest sex pests in the British Army without a shadow of a doubt! Merthyr Tydfil prostitutes thrive of 'em! One of the dirty fuckers used to spy on my daughter (until I collared him), though she has got big tits for a 13 yr old.