what have I done to myself?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Shandy123, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. I'm 37, ex TA. Going back in after a 10 year break, selection in 3 weeks.
    I was 18 stone and couldn't run back in july, now 16 stone, running 1.5 miles in 12 mins.
    My regular run is only 1mile, twice a week (monday and friday), with fartlec on a wednesday and tuesday and thursdays are bodyweight exercise, core etc.
    Anyway, I decided to up my distance last night to 2 miles, with a view to being comfortably a 3 mile runner by selection time. It went fine, better than my first post-christmas run last week, which was not pretty.
    But this afternoon, I hot a twinge in my lower left leg.
    It seems to be between my calf muscle and the bone, and extends to just below my calf.
    I'm wondering if its my achilles tendon?
    It seems to come on for 5 mins, then off for 10 or so.
    When I sat back on my haunches while bathing the little un, it set it off too.
    A work colleague said 'its cos you,re using muscles you've not used before' which as well as being patronising, is doubtful, as I know what lactic acid in muscles feels like. Its a little concerning.
    Any ideas?
    Any recommendations on treatment?
  2. Maybe get a doctor/ physio to look at it? You are no spring chicken, quite heavy, and are doing quite a bit of running. I would not listen to someone on the Internet about treating this. Go and see someone who knows what they are talking about.
  3. I agree, don't take chances. Rest,ice, compress and elevate until you've seen someone about it. If you're loathe to see your GP then shell out and see a good sports physio.
  4. Can't you just use your crystal ball?
    I guess I knew that people would say see your GP, but I wondered if it was some common ailment that a PTI would say "oh, yeah, give it 3 days rest and crack on"
  5. I wouldn't listen to a PTI either!
  6. Whereabouts in the UK are ya?
  7. West Yorkshire
  8. Sounds daft but did you do a proper warm up and warm down?
  9. Don't bother with all that 'going and seeing a proper qualified Doctor who can actually see and examine your injury' bollocks, ask random people on the internet.
    Personally I recommend amputation.
  10. Either that or running with weight. Preferably on concrete.
  11. Go for a run over Rombolds Moor.
  12. Then I'm afraid I can't help. Sorry Bud.
  13. ah well, no probs:) anyway, I had a laugh at the three sarcastic posts above your last then did my tuesday night (non-running) workout. Had a shower and it feels a lot better now. Laughter is the best medicine, just like reader's digest used to say!
    I'll go easy on it for the rest of the week, if its not significantly improved, I'll see the doc.
    Now, can anyone advise me on which paint scheme suits my house best?
  14. DPM.

    Well me and your mrs had a good laugh about that on your last weekend!
  15. What, in 2002?
    I hadn't even bought the house then!
    Why weren't you answering earlier, when I requested a crystal ball?