What has this country come to......

"....anti-war protesters again prepare to take to the streets across the UK, and the first march in support of troops is staged by armed forces families.

WTF has this country come to when families need to rally support for British troops?



Well the News of the World is buying the troops desert boots after a fund raising event! Jim Davidson put in £500!- Thats what we have come too!- I only hope the lads don't come back labled as 'baby-killers'; like the American soldiers returning from Vietnam.
I only hope the lads don't come back labled as 'baby-killers'; like the American soldiers returning from Vietnam.

Of course they will! People like Notinmyname have evidenced that. I got stopped by one yesterday who ranted and screamed down the road after me that we were killing innocent women and children in the name of oil. These people don't understand reason, that requires intellect. Ignorance is a much better state for these people to exist in because they don't have to face the truth. When you point out that pictures of their little marches are being shown on Iraqi TV and presented as the entire nations of the coalition being against the forces it presents a distorted picture, not to mention the affect on morale. Try having a conversation with one of them and they rant about oil, and Bush, and any and every irrelevant fact they can lay their hands on but never answer your questions. I tried to point this out quietly last night to this guy and remind him that the Gov't isn't listening and that if he wants his say to mean anything he should vote against the Government in the next election. He just carried on shouting about oil and crap.

Morons, the lot of them  :mad:


I read this on another board of how this guy put one down. Well said that man :D


Okay, so I went to my kid's Kindergarten "Circus" play thing, where he was a lion and was very, very cool at it (good roar, he practiced for a week!  ). Of course I had to go to work afterwards, so I was in uniform.

This twentysomething girl comes walking up to me with her husband in tow, she looks very concerned while he looks a bit embarrassed.

Oh boy, here it comes, I'm thinking. I've seen this look before when I was stationed in Everett, Washington.

She very politely, but insistently says,

"I just wanted you to know that I'm against this war in Iraq."

Well, I'm just here to watch my kid play the part of a lion in a class show about a circus and enjoy the moment - not debate international and domestic politics. That's why Al Gore invented the Internet, after all.

It instantly struck me that knowing her opinion was the last thing I cared about, and how irrelevant it was, so I said the first thing that popped into my head:

"Thank you. I like ice cream. Vanilla ice cream. Not yogurt. I can't stand yogurt, and it just ticks me off when it's pawned off as ice cream."

She gives me a look of confusion.

"I just wanted you to know, that's all."

Her husband busted up laughing, as did a few folks near by that were frowning at her bringing up politics at a Kindergarten show.


Top story Ord Srgt!!!!!

I have one good friend tell me that she had a feeling that my husband wouldn't come back! :-[

Another friend told me how she cries for all the innocent women and children! ::)

Another family member told me how I should for my own political opinion and just because I am a soldiers it doesn't mean I have to believe in what he's doing. :'( ??

This is seperate from the whispers and nods at work (education, so all middle class, Guardian reading do gooders!) :mad:

I have come to the conclusion that opinions are like ********* -everybody has got one! What I am close to though is leaving the number for a)the Samaritains b) The United Nations and maybe then I could get on with life in peace!

What do you all thinks of this YELLOW RIBBON idea??? ???


Im in your thoughts, sorry mate but im a married man and quite straight thank you  :eek: :eek: :eek:,
Well read your post, and oh how I chuckled to myself, so then please enlighten me if it isnt about oil, then what is it about, after all Mr Blair has come up with just about every reason to sell this war to the public, and before you go off on one at me, just remember that some of your mates on here and also out there, dont want this war, and believe that this is mostly about oil and Bush, after all Bush doesnt just play a bit part in all this. As for voting in the next election, do you not think that is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted, I mean the war may just about be over then wont it? and the government should know now how people feel in this country.
I dont need to rant and rave, infact I dont think I have ever swore at anyone on here, its a shame others arent quite as restrained. I understand there are two sides to an argument and you really have some good solid points that are un-defendable, but you must also open your mind to the opposition of this war, and the effects it is now bringing to the whole region.


War Hero
Not in my name.......heres a reason that i have surmised..just a thought!

Israel inform the US that they are going to strike against iraq as they have evidence to suggest that they are sponsoring the palestinians in a war against israel (not worth turning that into a side argument about jews etc).

Bush puts them off for a year or two but the israeli's are adamant that unless something is done wammo.

Now, even you can use your imagination and work out the chain of events from that one!

So hey presto, here we are...

Thats is a plausible reason that doesnt involve Oil or global policing!
What do you all thinks of this YELLOW RIBBON idea

I think it's utterley ****, and should not be condoned, supported or acted upon.

Now, pose the question to me, involving Red+White+Blue ribbon, and I am your lurrrrrrve slave :)
A very good theory Muttley

...and one that would have you joining the illustrious list of the fallen on the other means :(


I agree really PTP. It's also a prime security risk, especially as things get worse
Not if you tie them to neutral objects Lucy, as opposed to any building that's not an MQ.

I think we should have a physical reminder for the nation of the guys being away........


Nice one ORG that had me howling with laughter. :D