What has the War done for progression?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. In past wars the military's needs caused a flurry of inventions. Many of these either directly or indirectly filtered into normal civilian life. From the jet engine to trauma care these have improved the life of civilians.

    My question. Have the Iraq of Afghanistan wars produced a flurry of developments that will improve the lives of the rest of the population? If so, what?
  2. Afghanistan is directly responsible for a 100% improvement in kit and equipment for the armed forces. Look at what we have out there now compared to Telic 1. It has also improved the lives of airsofters significantly as they can buy loads of kit from ebay now at a cheap price.
  3. Advances in surveillance technology immediately spring to mind. New UAV's and remote cameras will all be finding their way into use in the UK thereby maintaining the peace and keeping the populace docile and compliant. Sorry, meant safe.
  4. In past times, massive R&D budgets surrounded the Armed Forces. Whilst there is a lot of effort in this area, we are more regularly picking up from industry and the commercial world. Many of the recent developments will have been more subtle, integrated into other systems and fairly classified.
  5. It has made Arms Dealers and Undertakers rich.
  6. And has led to a large surplus of virgins in the garden of paradise
  7. Tinfoil Chapaeu alert!
  8. One technique I've heard of:

    Guy in vehicle gets caught in IED. He's knocked about, but has no obvious signs of injury apart from a concussion, from which he soon recovers. Couple of hours later, his intracranial pressure builds up and kills him. However, because of Iraq and Afghanistan, medics now know to monitor his condition and, if need be, slice open part of his skull to relieve that pressure.


  9. They were using this method in the neolithic period.
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