What has the Labour Govt ever done for us??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hellmans, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. At a recent meeting of the Judahin Peoples Popular Front (or was it the Peoples Popular Front of Judiah?) the question was asked

    "What has the Labour Govt ever Done for Us?"

    Well? .............................. potentially the shortest thread in ARRSE History?

  2. Splitter! :lol:
  3. Bought us a couple of banks?
  4. Well.... They originally helped the country massively with ideas like the NHS and support for the Poor not Lazy.

    New Labour on the other hand didn't even try to fix the Tories cock ups...
  5. Taught us that running a country with a bunch of former trade union leaders and activists who have spent a large part of their working lives making things NOT work as their primary aim isn't the way to go!
  6. Gordon "personally intervened" and saved the TA from the MoD!....all he has to do now is sort out the budget for the rest of the Army. I heard he said Jehova once though...STONE HIM!!!!
  7. Destroyed my pension.

    But tried to make up for it with a tax-free bike.

    That's Labour economics for you. Oh, and Gordon told me he was very proud of me when we met in Helmand one day.
  8. 1) They ensured that the airframes in AFG were able to be utilized an extra 60% in flight hours,by putting a new coat of paint on them.

    2) They purchased so many helicopters that they had to leave most in Britain,due to lack of parking spaces in AFG.

    3) They ensured that the British Army had full financial support and would be given anything they required.

    4) They rushed out mineproof vehicles even though the soldiers stated that they loved yomping along mine infested roads in AFG.

    5) They purchased the best weapons for the Army regardless of cost and origin.

    6) They utilized thorough pre-planning and strategy to ensure the Military had huge stockpiles of every piece of body armour/ammo/spare part they could possibly need..ever.

    7) They brought in strict Border controls and immigration rules that only let in the best of the best of immigrants,who would benefit and openly declare their love for Britain,and in no circumstance would run around with placards about beheading infidels.....all in really small numbers as well.

    8) They made it compulsory for English people to publicly declare they loved England and made it law to enable you to fly English flags wherever and whenever you desired.

    9) They made every person feel safe in the knowledge that if they were ever attacked by intruders in their own home.....the law would back them up 100%,when they defended themselves.

    10) They used fiscal intelligence so as not to overspend or exhaust national monetary and asset stockpiles in the face of a looming depression.

    11) They only sold a full one third of Britains stockpile of Gold at the lowest price....just before a depression to make it more of a challenge for us.

    12) They brought several thousand new anti-terrorism laws and anti-social laws etc to stamp down really,really hard on those bastards who put the wrong rubbish in their bins....or the real hard core,who overfilled them.

    13) They brought in special laws to allow tax inspectors to visit homes and adjust peoples tax rates if they live in a nice neighbourhood or have a nice view....to benefit the homeowners.

    14) They brought in more CCTV than any other country in the world just so they could keep " youve been framed " in clips.

    15) They have brought in unlimited speed cameras to ensure our safety by concentrating incedibly hard on the barely 5 % of accidents that are caused by speed.

    16) Arranged for our Glorious El Presidente,The ayatollha of rock n rolla,the middle east peace giver ToooOOONNY BLAIR to become master of the Universe shortly after he becomes European Furher.

    18) Tough on crime,Tough on the causes of Crime.

    19) " they've not gone away you know! "

    20) Harriet Harman

    Labour...the gift that just keeps on giving.

    21) Even while typing this,a new law just put into action that was originally brought in to confiscate assets from criminals....the power has now been given down to local councils who can now seize peoples property for non-payment of parking fines and rent arrears...for our own good.

  9. To you personally?
    I'd love to have been able to say "Shame I can't say the same about you" if I was in that position.

    "A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, which is the sign of a weak government" - Golden Brown Himself
  10. Cause a load of middle aged men to become bitter and twisted!
  11. I'm not middle aged :p
    Though it wasn't just them who made me a bit bitter...
  12. Let's not forget Education Education Education!
  13. As it happens, yes. I wanted to ask him a few sharp questions in response, but I could see Bde Comd's steely eyes boring their way into the nether regions of my soul. So I just said "thank you sir" instead. Now THAT's moral courage for you.
  14. Do you not mean..." Edocation,Edukaetion,Educ.....ah feck it "
  15. More like Ejeculation Ejeculation Ejeculation!...bunch of cnuting wnaks!

    Who has the power to remove this bunch of clowns before they start deporting us British?