What has improved in the TA in the last 10 years?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Apart from better clothing?

    Was having a discussion with a mate who has left the TA recently and nothing sprang to mind...

  2. Better quality of war stories :D .Better kit ,weapon that works .
  3. Hmmmmm

    Inf bergans instead of handbags, 95 instead of wooly pullies...

    nothings really changed apart from it getting smaller
  4. `This is a Wah! Right?
  5. Apart from FTRS and mobilisations nothing.

    Its smaller, recruiting standards are lower and there are fewer recruits. Even though we deploy more often the STABS and ARABS thing seems as bitter as ever and is more obvious in the senior management (I cannot call them leadership).

    MTD's have greater restrictions, medical courses and qualifications are simply a mess, kit is in even shorter supply.

    Moral is mmmmm depends on who you speak to I suppose.

    RTMC Chillwell is better run than my first mobilisation through Sandhurst but thats it.

  6. I joined it :D

    I'll get my smock
  7. Getting a proper role again post 9/11 and also getting modern ICS equipment (and still more coming in)
  8. For one, To quote Cardinal "Mobilisation and FTRS". Has done wonders for removing the dead wood. Allows more enthusiastic people to gain promotion, which in-turn effects the general morale, ability and retention.

    For two, training. Due to the expectation of mobilisation, units are now begining to pull up the training standards.

    For three, MATTs. Before I get hurls of abuse thrown at me, let me explain. I'll be more specific MATT 2 Fitness. While I have never been the fittest person in the world and have always been a 10 min BPFA person, the new standards have forced a lot of people (especially in my unit) to push up their physical levels. One of the biggest gripes I have heard from the regs about TA on Ops is their general fitness, this at least it goes some way to resolving it. Obviously, this is open to abuse from the 'put a tick in the box for me would you?' groups, but I think it will help.

    I know I'm going to get a lot of people saying that being fit doesn't matter if you're a this or that trade. I personally think that’s c$£p, if you're not fit, you will struggle, with endurance and fatigue. You will feel tired and lethargic sooner than fitter colleagues, which could affect both you and you're team. Think about it.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Just out of interest, how long have you been in for?

  10. 7 years.

    With hindsight I'd probably say that my previous point is rather too general. To put it more accuratly, I personally, have noticed a change in the type and level of training provided by units over the past 3-5 years. Training is now becoming more relevant to the type of operations we are likely to encounter, primarily due to the likelyhood of troops being mobilised. I have seen training become more focused and moving away from the older 'red hord coming over th German plains', to more peace support and COIN ops.
  11. Strangely enough I'm back doing the same job I was ten years ago and other than the comments on the kit and the weapon the only other thing is the quality of the planning of the training (not the stuff I'm doing :lol: ) HOWEVER I'm not sure the training is actually that much better.

    More paperwork budget and equipment issues than ten years ago thats for sure.
  12. ditto.
  13. And I left.

    (In my next life I'll either join the regs or not get married.)
  14. For those of you who think fitness is the be all and end all and judge every soldier by the standards of the average guy in his 20's you are way out of line.

    OK fitness is important, but if someone who has been in a whole seven years thinks he is better a soldier than a SNCO who is in his mid 40's, just because he is fitter he is wrong. that SNCO in his 40's was once as fit, tough and arrogant as you are now. Furthermore physically speaking training in the 80's was a damned sight harder than it is now as was the process of joining.

    I served in 1 Wessex and remember regular BFT's, lots of longer runs and on exercises long marches of a type which one does not see to often today.

    Today I take every moment allowed in my PFT and CFT but once upon a time I, and every other guy of my age, would have run your cottion socks off, wearing black plimpsoles!

    So in 20 years time, when you have had back injuries, knee injuries and your body has taken a real old battering, and you have seen a bit more service then start gobbing off about fitness levels.

    But for now I doubt if anyone who has been in 20 plus years is listening, because we have all done it and whats more are still doing it. So if we carry out a bit of extra weight and are arses are hanging out a bit at the end of a run, remember we completed it, in the time allowed which is a lot more than some can say.

  15. I agree these racing snakes think fitness is the dogs b......s, but will he know what to do when he races to the front and gets there before us older ones?