What has happened to this forum?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Jailorinummqasr, Aug 29, 2006.

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    1. I have consumed alcohol, tonight.
    2. I tend to have differing views that most of our US visitors.
    3. I am a Brit working/living in the US.

    With that cleared up, I would like to ask what has happened to this Forum. About six months ago it was a place for our foreign users to post interesting and occasionally controversial topics. As well as being a place to exchange banter and learn about one another’s militaries and cultural differences. Then some muppet (or two, include myself) may have visited a US Board.

    Tripwire, was one of the Mods, he not only shot us down in flames but blocked us quite correctly, for annoying the natives. However, since then Tripwire and Chief Joseph seem to have taken over this forum.

    Whilst this in itself, may not be bad thing; some of the drivel that they post is I am afraid is bollocks. Looking tonight, a quick review of the site indicates that 50% of it is neo-con/patriotic (US)/or general bigg'n up the US/US Forces or OIF/OEF. It is in essence US internal propaganda. The other half is what the forum used to be, made of commonwealth (AUSCANNZUKUS +SA) issues regarding their armed forces and or newsworthy stories to be debated.

    I also note that a number of the wiser/old contributors have abandoned the forum. That there, are stickies reminding everyone not to be anti-American shows how bad thing have got. DD please understand that this is not a dig in anyway at you, pm if required. Whilst it may wholly inappropriate for us to 'flame' other users I challenge Tripwire, to open a forum on his board where the British run riot and DO NOT get blocked.

    The sad thing is that whilst the US (I know I'm generalizing) tend ignore or block information that runs counter their belief system we (again I’m generalizing) value free-expression and tolerate the expression of other view. Sadly in both cases, the listening process fails as we the traditional users of this forum sign off and go back to current affairs.

    Whilst not wishing to start a major dispute, I would cordially invite, Tripwire and Chief J to self limit their posts and consider what is relevant to ALL the users from the AUSCANNZUKUS + SA community rather than extending pax-america to this forum. (Given that many of us do not personally give a shit about airborne units or USMC memorials)

    It is bed time, please understand that this is not a personal attack on anyone, rather a gentle reasoned naming and shaming of individuals who have altered the tone of the Forum.

    Good Night…
  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Trip_Wire is not a 'MOD" on any board, anywhere. I am a member of several military boards and the ARRSE board. I have never "Blocked" anyone from any 'board,' nor have I ever "shot anybody down in flames," on any computer board.

    Who is "us?" I guess you are trying to say that I supposedly "shot down in flames" and/or "blocked" others from some American military board? I did no such thing! You are either mistaken or a bald face liar!

    I will repeat, I am not a 'MOD' on ANY COMPUTER BOARD' in the USA or the UK! Is that clear!

    I have NEVER BLOCKED ANYBODY from joining ANY Computer board!

    Perhaps given the fact that you say "I have consumed alcohol, tonight." You should sober up and engage your brain, before you get on your key board, with such outrageous falsehoods and accusations!

    Or maybe you should seek medical help and or some counseling, maybe even AA would help.

    Oh! BTW: If this statement by you isn't a personal attack on me I don't know what is!

    "it is bed time, please understand that this is not a personal attack on anyone, rather a gentle reasoned naming and shaming of individuals who have altered the tone of the Forum." BS! :x
  3. I think part of the problem is that the Brits like to bait Yanks, as they're something of an easy mark. The downside to this is that things get out of control rather quickly as the aggrieved party overreacts.

    Hey, something like that happened in the Middle-East recently, didn't it?

  4. :lol:
  5. I heard that some people thought that but other people pointed out they were wrong. :D
  6. ooooh where is Trip-wire a MOD.

    My pillage sense is tingling!
  7. I used to be quite the contributer to ARRSE. However, it has, in recent months, come down to a slug fest between the UK and the US:

    We are better then them, they are better then us.

    In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter who and/or what has the "best" military? BOTH militaries have their good points and their weak points. Yes. The "yanks" are overbearing, loud mouthed, and like to run around and yell "Hooah." So what?

    The Brits are more quiet and reserved about their military victories and prowness. Quite rightly so. They have one of the best, if not the best, infantry in the world. So what?

    The US, BASICALLY has only been around for slightly over 200+ years. The Brits? Shoot, I don't know how long they have been soldiering. Military tradition and values go WAY back in the British culture; not so in America.

    What I am saying is: We are two DIFFERENT countries. The way WE see things are different then the way YOU see things and vis versa. HOWEVER, like it or not, we are both working for a common goal. Both countries are the last "Superpowers" on the earth. I suggest we BOTH learn to put our differences aside and LEARN from each other. We BOTH have good issues to bring to the table.

    Go ahead...flame away.
  8. Both superpowers? Our Blighty? Mwahahahahahahahah....
  9. I happen to agree with the author of this thread. There was some good debate at one point, but it has decended into anarchy because the two main posters, TW and DF just cry out to be ridiculed. Even TW response is just bizzar
  10. Only the dumb ones. :wink:
  11. Its probably the moderators warning off the peple they dont like. as happened to me.
  12. Another conspiracy theory, Johnny?
  13. Despite you being a Chelsea fan and therefore ahead of the curve when it comes to taste, I have to disagree with your comment, TW and DF although being deeply individualistic in their opinions do not descend into the infantile and purile yank bashing that quickly gets into some deep insecurities about WWII that many UK ARRSERs do. Get over it! You were actually on the winning side! Anyone would think from the majority of anti yank ARRSE posts that you were raped by the Nazis and then occupied by the Soviets because the Yanks did nothing.

    I personally find such posts rather wretched and only worthy of coming from desk jockys and Walts.
    A few colours (colors if you must) to nail to the mast before I attempt something along the lines of a comment on this subject: I willingly confess to having American relatives. I also confess to having served with, and alongside, various elements of the US Armed Forces.
    I have to admit to watching the USA, its citizens and the way it acts in and with the world with a rapt fascination. The USA is, to my mind, the greatest (as in largest) social experiment mankind has yet seen and, as Mao Zedung was asked what he thought of the French Revolution - "its too early to tell" how its going to work out. The USA is surely the enfant terrible of the world, with the potential to both save the planet or, perhaps even more easily to destroy it. Phew! Big things for Rickshaw to ponder upon as he sits in the heads - but at my geriatric stage one tends to spend a lot of time on the john.
    Then I read this thread. Cue the obligatory Churchillian quote about "two nations separated by a common language". Perhaps the great man might have added "irony", "sarcasm", "iconoclasm" and irreverence" to the statement - with the Brits erring on the black side of all those good things. Whats all this got to do with this string? Its this: the incessant attempts to provoke - by Dogface for one, the blind obduracy of Trip Wire - as another and the almost automatic Brit riposte of "feck off you knob" tend to destroy value and drive away the good contributors. As a plea: Septics - get with the banter and accept that there is a world outside the CONUS which has things to give you. Brits: a little cultural restraint at times is a good and generous thing. You're poking fun at a nation that puts its hand on it's heart and salutes the flag, that givres its Services real status in their own country and which has a touching and naiive belief in their role to do the right thing. Give them a chance to try and do that in this forum.
  15. So what are you trying to say?