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What has happened to the words of wisdom from Precott?

There was an interesting topic concerning the Arch-Clown Precott on this site a few minutes ago. It has disappeared so it seems. Has it been 'pulled' ? It was starting to get rather good. Anyone know the answer?
Prescott even. The reason I ask is that I am an avid disciple of the great man's words and wisdom. I missed the interview on Radio 4 this morning, which fact might spoil my whole year!
Perhaps he has used his 'infuence' to get the topic removed? Remember, and thank your lucky stars, he is 'in charge' at the moment whilst the Dear Leader is on holiday - again.
Found it, or rather had it found for me.

It is in the Intelligence Cell.

Prescott - Intelligence , the ultimate oxymoron.

Great sense of humour to put this topic in the Int Cell.

Thanks to 'Part Time Pongo'.
Yes, but will the memoirs include a

1. lexicon for all the gibberish he will make up
2. deal with the aldultery and an explaination of ideas on his double standards
3. explain what he has actually done since he became dep pm.

If it does, for those facts alone it would be worth a million....... :roll:

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