What has happened to Saddam ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by recce-cpl, May 12, 2005.

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  1. I have been away and good old newspaper's never leave the APOD in Basrah so i was wondering , what has happened to Saddam ? Is he still in Iraq ? Ironic really as i was in iraq on tour . Any one with a none sarky answer please fill me in on the details . :D
  2. Believe he is still in Iraq - near Baghdad Airport??
  3. Last I heard, he's due to go on trial in September or October.
  4. He's working in my local kebab shop, and his mate Osama is working in the local curryhouse :D
  5. I'd avoid the chilli sauce in there if I was you....
  6. According to my sources (Southpark) he is in satans' abode having copius amounts of **** intercourse. He has made a few attempts to regain control of Canada, but has so far been unsuccessful.
  7. Thanks to operation: "Get behind the darkies" :D
  8. If Soddom got a fair open US style trail with a good lawyer I think that like M.Jackson he'd walk out a free man and Blur would be rushing to pay him compensation.
  9. I doubt. Case with mr.Milosevic shows that such a trial would be endless. It appears that it is pactically impossible to prove "guilt" of mr.Milosevic in the Court. So one can doubt that former Yugoslav president is war criminal.



    Tony Blair: "Nobody trusts Milosevic"

    But who does trust mr.Blair?


    Btw, there was a large number of Gipsies in Kosovo (not Serbs). Where are they now? Almost all are refugees. Also 200000 Serbs are refugees now. But can they hope to receive a compensation from mr.Blair?
  10. O IVAN bugger off , i went to Kosovo ,
  11. There was this guy that works in my local chip shop.
    But he swore he was Elvis :D

    Do you think Saddam will ever be allowed to take the stand , whilst certain people are still in Government in the US?