What has happened to Minister Doh Nuts gimp photo

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. As a gimp myself, I have got used to seeing Minister Doh Nut in his usual, fetching, rubber head-gear whenever I log on to ARRSE.

    But now I find the entire photograph replaced by a white box and a red 'x'.

    Is something sinister afoot, or is it something to do with my Chinese made laptop?

    Or is he reinventing himself?
  2. His gimp suits at the cleaners. They're disinfecting it, and shot-blasting the gusset.
  3. My friend Barry Scott hopes they'll be using Cillit Bang... Bang and the dirt is gone...
  4. I hope it's OK.
  5. Agreed, it's a big worry. Has he just soiled himself, or is there a (greater) psychological dimension to this?
  6. I think I frightened him so yes, he may have soiled himself. I really, really, really hope the wee pup pulls through. 8O
  7. I may have missed a personal quibble. And anything to do with "pups" in the current climate re: : dangerous dogs should be vented via solicitors.... :D
  8. No no no, you misunderstand, self-soiling isnt about fear, its about intense personal pleasure, much like lobbing a marmite smeared toddler into a wheelie-bin with a couple of famished jack russells, hence the rubber suit.
    You lot need to get out more!
  9. You could say that! :lol:
  10. Hmmm. I hadn't made the connection. It's all new science to me. Last time I soiled myself was in a delightful Afghan garden - full monty stuff, mind, in front of the proud gardener.

    Close, but it didn't have the full theatrical quality that MDN exhibits in spades and, indeed, turds (spades for the covering of).
  11. Out running one day. About 13 miles I think it was. Looped course with no short cuts. Got to Marlow and suddenly desperatley needed a poo. Stopped to walk a bit. Ran a bit, stopped a bit, sat by the roadside a bit, walked and ran a bit etc.. 5 or 6 miles later and about 200m from home I started sprinting to make the toilet and spilled the lot into my kecks. It was like still born. I'd carried it all that way only to lose it..
  12. You multi-faced hypocritical Twwat! Anybody who mentions that mongs or kids being eaten by dogs might have a humours’ side has you jump in your armour and go on a crusade against them! Yet you can say what the feck you like about still born's? I would have thought that would be of limits being as that’s what your dad wanted you to be.
  13. Hallveg, grow up and shut the fcuk up. Stop whining about me on every thread you post FFS. Do you know what you remind me of?
  14. I don’t give a flying feck what i remind you of? your a Twwat of the highest order and as for whining you could write a book, how many times have you trolled up on a thread only to contradict yourself later on, so neh neh neh neh.
  15. Do you know what? You are damn right you know.