What has happened to cadets?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Hugh_Jardon, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I'll just add my twopenth worth

    I've just quit cadets, after four years. I've had fun, but lately for the past coupla years, its really gone downhill. We can't do anything fun anymore, due to all this health and safety shite, theres so much political correctness bollocks, too much namby pamby towards girls (no offence, but in my honest opinion, keep up and be treated the same as everyone else, or **** off) I've seen my det go down from 50 cadets to 2. There is no funding for kit- we're still wearing woolley pullies and lightweights for feck's sake... Most of the adults forget that they're just basically glorified youth leaders and act like meglomaniac cnuts. My det got their weapons taken away last year for 'cleaning', the CO was never in uniform... And we're based at an army training camp! We have a shooting range, an assault course and all the benefits and facilities of an Army training camp, and do we use them? do we ****. Also, going back on topic, we're just letting anyone in these days, and most of them are useless t0ssers who join to be with their mates... The cadets I knew and loved has gone... Anyone want to agree, argue back, tell me i'm a cnut... feel free.

    Rant over...

    (ex) Cadet Corporal Hugh_Jardon
  2. H-J
    I am sorry to hear your tale of woe, all too common I am afraid. if you are going to Uni try the OCdts. At least as part of the TA they are under army rules and the instructors are all regular and TA officers and seniors. The forces of darkness try to tie up training but most COs RSMs etc are wily enough to keep training interesting.
  3. When I joined cadets (1973) and collars were still seperate on the 2 dress shirts they only let t0ssers in then :roll: but the adult instructors and the senior cadet NCO's turned them into respectable citizens and good cadets.
    Your fault seems to lie with your instructors who obv just want to walt it.
    My unit faced closure because of numbers and we all went on the streets recruiting our mates and the odd scouse scally (same as mates :? )
    and made a go of it. you quit so instead of being part of the solution you became part of the problem.
  4. Fecking hell! that has got to be the worst use of a retd.*rank i have ever seen!

    *retired not retarded, although....
  5. hugh jardon?

    huge-ard'on .. ha

  6. I agree

    (ex) slim sex god
  7. there's plenty of H&S bashing about, your post is nothing new.

    But naturally I agree, join the OTC or TA and though there is some excrement to put up with you won't be so much up to your neck in it.

    The problem is the compensations culture and going to the lowest common denominator and treating everyone like complete mongs. All it takes is for some T*sser to break a fingernail and no1 would dare doing that activity again.

    As you can see, I had an excrement time of it towards the end and totally agree with you, glad I moved on to OTC a year ago.

    Cadet General Chief of staff (retd.) Tomkinson Smythe OBE
  8. ps. things vary a lot from detatchment to detatchment...
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Probably a waste of time commenting if you have left, but this part of your post was the most surprising. I joined a cadet unit in the mid 70s, and enjoyed it enough to have been in the Regular Army since the late 70s. The value to the Forces of the cadets is without question, and so the fact that your Det suffers and you are colocated with a Regular unit surprises, and disappoints me. Your OC should be all over that unit asking to use the facilities. I had a Cadet detachment based nearby my unit a few years back, and we were all over them offering assistance with training. It had to be balanced against a very busy schedule, but it is not impossible. H&S is not an excuse - sure we don't want young cadets being killed by some over enthusiastic psycho on the assault course - but every bit of Regular Army investment in your organisation pays long term dividends.

    If your Det OC won't take the initiative, write direct to the Regular unit and tell them that your Det is suffering, and could they help. Nothing ventured etc.
  10. Ive been in for about 3 years now, im leaving soon it really is a load of balls, little chavs joint 'to shoot stuff' when they realise its not all about that, they just f*** around. My detachment is at a school, we are on the verge of been kicked out because of these little twats that vandalise property IN UNIFORM, its just not acceptable.

    The kit in unacceptable, 58 webbing all round, 85 pat trousers, any good stuff that we get 'donated' off the regs is stolen by cadets and rarely given back. The GP's are rubbishwe have 2 and they both have pins missing.

    Sorry to rant guys, it was a good chance to get some stuff off my chest

  11. Before you think I quit as soon as times got hard, i'd been considering it for over a year now. The point where it was fun had long passed, and the it had just ceased being interesting. I appreciate this isn't the best time for whining about funding, lack of weapons, bad kit etc when we have all the sh1t going on with the real army at the mo, but all the same. It's also not just my detachment, its my company, and most of my county too. We didn't have a reg unit to go to for help, or for kit, I tried writing and calling my company and county, but nothing was happening. But thats life, only a coupla years before I can join the OTC. Cheers for the (nicer) responses guys, its good to know some people understand lol
  12. What County were you HJ.

    You sounds as if you're posting about a different organisation to the one I belong to. I know things differ from one county to another but you sound hard done to.

    I can't remember the last time my cadets wore jumpers and lightweights, they're not even on issue to us anymore.

    And unless your weapons were faulty they should have been returned.

    Health and safety is an important part of what we do, many of our activities are inherently dangerous, but fun does not need to be completely sacrificed because of this.

    If you're not using the range, assault course etc it may be down to the qualifications of your adults, can't see why though, all AI's with some time in should have a smallbore ticket at the very least, most dets should have someone obs course qualified.

    As for the quality of your cadets, they don't join as you want them you know. The adults and senior cadets have to show them what is expected and what is accepted. They will only learn from example, if they are so bad I have to wonder what kind of example is being set. Maybe your det staff have sacrificed quality for quantity and in the past and have accepted every young person who walks through the door. In an ideal world this would be possible but unfortunately some young people will not put in the effort required and will have to go. That may sound harsh but cadets cannot be allowed to treat the ACF as a youth club. When they join my det they are told that there is a 6 week probabtion period, if their behaviour is totally unacceptable then they are not uniformed and are asked to leave. It works, but I would guess that over 50% of the people who come to join don't stay. Harsh as I said, but what I am left with is the basis for a detachment of cadets who are willing to listen and learn, who I see the potential in to become committed, enthusiastic cadets who are disciplined, well behaved and a credit to the detachment staff who have trained them. Remember you can get rid of them at any stage if they don't toe the line.

    If your OC was never in Uniform that is not good, and I agree with you there, you can't expect cadets to turn up in uniform if the staff don't.

    As for a "namby pamby" attitude towards 'girls', well here I have strong feelings. I am a female det commander, yet I have only 2 female cadets in my detachment, probably the lowest number in the company, why? Beacause female cadets should not have to be treated differently to male cadets. If they can't do the same as the male cadets then they go, simple.

    Standards have to be maintained, even if that means you have to sacrifice numbers, I would rather have 30 good cadets than have 50 on the books of which a good proportion are idiots.

    I suggest the reason your numbers have dropped is because you have too many idiots polluting the det and spoiling it for the others, get rid of these idiots and the decent kids who want to be there will come back.

    As someone said, in leaving you have become part of the problem. You cannot whinge about things if you are part of the problem. Instead of being part of it you may like to consider being a part of a solution.

    Or if you give in when faced with difficulties and a challenge maybe this isn't the organisation for you.
  13. i am curious was mine, one of the nicer responses what did you regard as a nasty comment give the latter. It wasn't meant as a nasty comment, but you should remember. Not all comments are nasty, just because you disagree with them.
    I enjoyed my six years in the Army Cadet's immensely and it did influence me joining the regular army, in fact, I feel so strongly about your plight. I am considering applying to become a cadet instructor.if nothing elseit will keep me off the streets :D

    ps if this looks odd its because I'm using speech to text for the first time
  14. What a shame....

    Cadets used to be a great institution... and I hope your case is isolated. I know that H&S and all the new rules about adults and youth organisations make things tough. Shame there aren't more retired SNCO's and Officers out there though, ready to take up the challenge of running these organisations. They'd know exactly how to make it fun and get their hands on all the good kit and facilities.

    Regards,- Cadet Cpl (Retd.) Baldrick

    I only made Cpl in cadets... but they gave me a Reg commission... Now that makes sense!! :D
  15. had a friend called dave ear he hated being a gunner I don't know why?

    fastest promotion in cadets
    though Bombadier ear is almost as bad