What has happend to CMSR

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldist-recruit, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Just completed CMSR in Grantham, what has happened........... Completed same course 12 years ago (had to redo as been out of TA for more than 3 years) life is easy now.

    no more bed blocks, or even beds that you can bounce a penny off, no more locker tipping, or kit out of the window, no more beds above your head round the block you go.........and what’s more, when an NCO walked in the room there was no requirement to spring to attention.

    in order to set an equal balance everybody carried out the BPFT under female conditions, some people didn’t even manage that 15 RTU'd....... Best part lights out 2230hrs revile (well had to attend breakfast at 0645hrs)............worst part pass out parade practice in temps of 23oC

    Top tip for anybody going on CMSR train for CFT 15kg across the board for recruits, and work hard......... too many people on the course just mong it not put any effort in but still pass out as the motto at Grantham says

    [align=center]"Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail"[/align]

    But trust me not that hard to complete.
  2. I was on the course before you, had a good 20+ RTU'd (Majority on the BPFA alone) those who passed on min standards and have no intentions of preparing will get it once they meet the MATTS training anyway.

    I agree, there were some parts that were laid back. But are you complaining about having a decent bed? As long as the recruit in question can soldier does it really matter? Regarding the NCO's, we stood to attention anyway until told to stand easy.

    I found the NCO's attitude very professional in keeping up moral and wanting recruits to learn and get on with the course. Nothing that was a course for concern. Times have changed from 12 years ago, now you have seen that first hand.
  3. Oldist-recruit
    I would have to say this most be a fairly recent thing. When i did my CMSR there about three years ago we still had all the things you have mentioned. I remember one poor lad having he's locker turfed out for not having it locked and he was standing next to it at the time.
  4. you get it easy because of changing times and attitudes of civilians
    as for instructors commiting to punishments
    i was told by a colleague if you can get through the two years without
    an allegation then your lucky
    an as for the conduct for two years it is E+Evasion
  5. oldest-recruit

    Wrong title? I was on the same course you have just mentioned and I am 37 that
    must of been the oldest there.
    As for the bull, i.e. bed blocks, or even beds that you can bounce a penny off, and
    locker tipping, or kit out of the window , as you put it, where the hell would they fit it in.
    They have an agenda to teach us 12 to 14 lessons a day for 2 weeks, and they achieve it.
    I just remembered I did get my locker trashed by the postman instructor?
    In my opinion it’s a good course run by extremely good instructors with a tolerance level
    that caters for TA personnel.
    If your after bed trashing , trash your own?
    Come on 5 section
  6. Hmm,,,, :!: I know which i would prefer! Nothing worse than dragging your locker and bed outside for show parade. Bed blocks??? No thanks! To this day i still believe that the instructors were wanting as many people as possible to RTU themselves so all that remained were the ones who really wanted to be there!

    Oldist recruit, What can i say :?: I know :!: Fancy getting ragged around Barry Butlins on the 29th? Sounds like fun to me! :lol: I'll let Pistol Pete know you want beasted! :wink:
  7. There was less "Walts" at the end in the old days,
    But a lot of these courses now are more to get you through than failing the course.
    I have taught on CMS(R)s and on TAOC CMS(R)s and the bed blocks means bugger all, spend the little time we had on Wpn skills,Phys and time on the square.
    As for Beasting, dont think it would go down well at the moment!(Even if your not Welsh) 8O
    Show parade is still a good deterent for scruffy jocks/toms.
    We still left room for CIC to do their thing with the ones we passed on... :wink:
    Happy days. :)
  8. I have also just finished CMS(R) at Grantham on the same course as Discipline and i thought he was sure to be the oldest recruit on the course ,what section were you in oldist-recruit and just how old are you ?

    I thought the course was excellent and the level of instruction top class but it is a lot to squeeze into two weeks,maybe if the course was a bit longer the time constrictions would be less .

  9. I suppose my comments will just follow on from other peoples posts but if you have to have 14(?) weeks of reg CMS(R) squeezed into 2 then maybe the DS are thinking along the lines of lets give them the knowledge and leave the majority of the bullshine out. If there is a hell of a lot to learn then why bother wasting time trashing lockers etc when it could be spent better on SAA/NBC etc. At the end of the day when we go on OPs with the regs i'm sure they would be more bothered that we can shoot properly rather than having nice freshly pressed 95s.
  10. TOO TRUE! :wink:
  11. the name "oldist-recruit" is just that a name, not trying to take the Lime light away from you "Discipline"..........mayb you was the oldist recruit on the course.........only by a few years......

    I have nothing but praise for all the instructors on the CMSR they are all exclent instructors and through there teaching methods it made learning easy. CMSR has always had a lot to get through, even 12 years ago this also included PT most mornings...........(I know that is been brought back), but only time will tell if the new way of teaching on CMSR is any better. I reailse that this new way of teaching has been started at a higher level.

    I was in section 1 "C U Ball Bag" it was through the expertise of our section commander that ensured all of section 1 passed out, I know other section commanders were thought of in the same way. I have nothing but respect for all the instructors in Grantham.

    How did section 5 manage to wipe the board..............you only have like 5 people in your section? hahahahaha..........well done at least you left 1 prize to be won by another section.

    Field_Spr 102?.................Dodgy-Engr I seen you run 40 a day dosent help!!!!!!
  12. [quote="

    Field_Spr 102?.................Dodgy-Engr I seen you run 40 a day dosent help!!!!!![/quote

    Thats it you old f@rt!! :twisted: Your gonna get it!!!

    And its only 20 a day!!
  13. 20 what? Lighters?
  14. 20 tugs in my special sock of course!

    Oldist-recruit,,, You stick to your Girlie/Septic ciggies! :wink:
  15. Dodgy...........special as in special made?.............didnt relise you could get them in extra extra small lol........ I'll remember when u run out and need a cig.........lol :D