What has got better and worse in Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BernardMcCabe, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Right, having just suffered a 22 hour journey back to the UK from Basra Ive got to say that travel has got worse and thats an understatement. How the movers have managed to turn a 6 hour flight into a 22 hour fukc around is a monoment to there ability to cokc up anything! Another thing is the traffic restrictions! 20 KPH FFS, I hate it when I get overtaken by the runners and even worse the monkeys are out there with their fukcing speed guns! And to cap it all there is a point system in force where they keep giving you points until you reach 12 and then you "lose" your FMT 600. And the good points.................... nearly £2500 at the end! What I would like to know is:

    1. Why cant we fly direct from Bsra like we used to
    2. If we cant fly direct from Basra why not Kuwait
    3. What fukcing use are monkeys other than mucking the "real" troops around.

    For all you monkeys,do not bother replying because I couldnt give a stuff you useless tawts.

    Yep Im still traumatised from the experience of the flight!
  2. Came back from Aus last year in less time. Maybe the crabs just want to make sure you got the full works!
  3. Monkeys have to justify their existence somehow........ :roll:
  4. Clearly a piece typed by one of those 'youngsters' with 5 mins in the army, that has an opinion on everything but really knows fcuk all about the Army, and who holds the blinkered and naive belief that life does not exist outside of his regiment.

    It also appears that you young man have not quite got round to doing your literacy test for promotion! tut tut.....

  5. We haven't got the aircraft to ensure you get a Club Class return. What frames we have got are stretched rather thinly between Telic & Herrick. If you think the Movers decide what flys and when, then you are seriously barking up the wrong tree. A nice JOINT organization decides what flys, where and when.
    As for the MT - if the accident stats back up their actions (people speeding etc) then I support what they do. Again - if you've never had to deal with the aftermath of avoidable RTAs, suck it up, cupcake.
  6. Well bless you for calling me young! Im 51 and I believe I told all monkeys not to bother replying. Sorry for being illiterate but thank you for pointing out my shortfalls you tawt
  7. I didnt realise you had to take a spelling test before you posted on ARRSE, is it something new?
  8. I dont expect club class when moving and I also understand the shortfalls of the RAF when it comes to aircraft which is why I didnt mention them. What would be nice, would be a quicker journey and I also put a heading saying what do you think is better or worse in Iraq hence my post. As for road accidents I like you have been at the aftermath of a RTA however I find it hard to find the justification for traveling slower than the national speed limit in the UK because we are so keen to follow the lead of out American friends who funnily enough have the self same speed limits! Talking of which thats one of the better things in the COB, the Yanks are in and hopefully taking over from us soon!
  9. class reply Bernie, I take it that youve more than 5 minutes experience in the Army as well (if you havent then stop whinging on here new boy! :D )
  10. Go on then - break down the 22 hrs for us. See if I can give you any reasons for any of it.

    Or are you just trying out all the buttons on this newfangled 'computer' you've found?
  11. look, if he is that old he probably fell asleep, plane landed, turned around, flew back to Iraq, turned around, flew back to UK, he wakes up unaware that he's been there and back twice, in the mean time 22 hours has passed. Simple, all it takes is more thought and less pish taking. Give him a break, he's just come back from an operational tour (at 51!)
  12. Fair one at that ripe old age I can see why the mistakes are creeping in, probably the eyesight is going and the type errors down to the fumbling of those arthritic fingers from years of stagging on in the cold and wet.

    Still at 51 years OLD I reckon you could still make LCpl by the time you hit 55

    As for being a tw@t, yep I sure am grandad!
  14. Damm, I knew taking a nap was a mistake! You would have thought getting up for my old man pi55 should have given me a heads up
  15. That's me fckued***, fnkuced!!!&^$%&^%*, fkcued....