What has ARRSE achieved this year?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by The_Snail, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. It's New Year's Eve, and before I succumb to the duvet again, I was just wondering what we have achieved this year (apart from me and Flash getting banned about 200 times).

    First thoughts are:

    Op Nimby

    Rifleman Pun VC

    Can anyone think of any more?
  2. MDN's superb effort to help an arrser in need.
  3. Not an ArRSe effort per se but..

  4. ARRSERS helped direct the media towards some of the most important Defence / Sandpit / 'Stan stories of the year - almost entirely without any acknowledgement or thanks.

    Plus they talked up COMBAT STRESS and OP NIMBY and got the issues noticed.

    They stopped a lot of people from going mental.

    Not bad for a year's work.
  5. Yeah, but I bet that we made more people go mental! :twisted:
  6. I don't think us ARRSERS do it for the glory.It's a case of "the gov don't give a toss" and it saves them money for their own large pay rises.It's just a case of "looking after your own" where ARRSERS are concerned.
  7. Mostly at The Grauniad and New Liarbour press briefings, so that's alright, then.
  8. Oh and ARRSE managed to get the phrase "DUNG TRUMPET" onto the front page of The Times.

    Hats Off!
  9. It has succeeded in making my wife think i'm aving an online affair due to the amount of time I spend on this fcuking site! Happy and safe New Year To all Arrser's and their familys :party:
  10. I only found ARRSE in the last few months after being out for 5 years. Since then some of the threads have made me laugh and some cry, but all have reminded me of what I spent my adult life doing. It is with renewed pride in what I did and what the Men and Women of HM Forces are doing. Yes we have a goverment which makes a lot of dodgy choices but we have the best forces to carry out their whims.

    I have seen great intelligence, wisdom and stupidity in some threads but Arrse has given us a forum to discuss what we want to talk about and engage in some fine debates and also take the p1ss out of each other.

    So from me, ARRSE thanks and keep it up your greatest achievement to me is keeping our community in touch.
  11. wasted about 20 days of work time!!!
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    per Arrser! :oops:
  13. 20 days well spent. I'd worry about the other 345.
  14. I have been good and have avoided accessing Arrse during work, but the time I do devote to Arrse has come out of my personal time and The_Snail has just reminded me that I set off to chop some logs an hour ago! Doh!

    But seriously, well done to all those who moved the Armed Forces into the public domain, forced them onto the front pages, and kept them there during the year.

  15. The auction for the RBL in November. I do hope it is going to be an annual event.