What Has America Ever Done ?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by tomahawk6, Mar 5, 2005.

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  1. Great article, T6. I'm now waiting for the incoming.
  2. Confronted with this awkward turn of events, Reg’s angry successors are asking their cohorts: “What have the Americans ever done for us?” “Well, they did get rid of the Taleban in Afghanistan. ’Orrible bunch, they were.”

    “All right, the Taleban, I grant you.”

    LOL They're still there - hiding yes. But STILL there.

    “Then there was Iraq. Knocked off one of the nastiest dictators who ever lived and gave the whole nation a chance to pick its own rulers.”

    “Yeah, all right. Fair enough. I didn’t like Saddam.”

    Yes that made you just so popular around the world didn't it?

    “Libya gave up its nuclear weapons.”

    Really think that had more to do with good old Muammar realising he'd made a total cnut out of Libya and wanted to bring them back into the real world rather than anything GW or Billy the Willy ever did.

    “And then there’s Syria. Thousands of people on the streets of Lebanon. Syrians look like they’re pulling out.”

    Oh right all those thousands of people were Americans were they?

    “I just heard Egypt’s going to hold free presidential elections for the first time. And Saudi Arabia just held elections too.”

    LOL I really find it SO FUNNY that you lot would honestly think that the US was fundamental in persuading either of those fiercely independent governments.

    “The Palestinians and the Israelis are talking again and they say there’s a real chance of peace this time.”

    What did you do there? Tell the Israelis they couldn't have any spares for their F16s and F15s? Blackmail them in other words?

    PMSL :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol: :roll: :lol:
  3. How would the world look today DD, if you took America out of the equation 100 years ago?
  4. Who knows AWOL? Maybe the world would be a better place? Probably not.

    Would the world have collapsed in to anarchy without the presence of the US? I don't think so.

    I have no doubts that the US is a force for a change to democracy etc, which is obviously a good thing on the whole, throughout the world.

    I just find their views pretty parochial regarding its effects and application.

  5. Shall I mention Kyoto?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    What has America ever done for us ?

    Well it gave us Sammy Colt for a start, and I can forgive them anything and everything for the ultimate gift of John Moses !
  7. I like it when people have their priorities in the correct order. :D

    Don't forget about a couple of chaps named Smith and Wesson.
  8. Let's see, what did they give Britain: the entire home PC industry, computer games, the internet, crappy cars, all those TV series everyone has to watch (Friends, West Wing, Nip/Tuck, Alias, blah blah blah), Star Wars, Star Trek, microwaves, root beer - gotta put that in. Fast food, convenience food, Roots, F-4 Phantoms, the Marshall Plan, worshipping a bunch of Christian-fundamentalist peasants with a turkey, massive war debt, the CIS as opposed to the USSR, New York, Trident, Polaris, my beautiful wife, The Simpsons, CSI,the world's largest porn industry, a hilarious military, Ford and half the other cars we drive. Oh, and freedom from Communism (there go the Guardian readers...).

    Let's see why people don't like them: self-importance, arrogance, introversion ("God bless America and no place else"), pathos, juvenility, Christian fundamentalism, ruled by a quasi-Aristocratic elite, and of course the annoying accents.

    Let's not forget why millions of people in the world hate Great Britain: self-importance, arrogance, extroversion (Empire), bathos, alcoholism, Agnosticism, ruled by a quasi-Aristocratic elite, and of course the annoying accents.

    What the Americans love about us: we do what they want

    What we aggravates us about America: they don't do what we want

    I'd say we're made for each other.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    And young Dan of course.
    I could go on, the lates Eugene Stoner and Bill Ruger, the list goes on - but John Moses still remains at the top.

    As you know Corpse I obviously took my reference from bible: "Thou shalt honour thy Mother and thy Father"
    which is the modern watered-down translation of "Thou shalt honour John Moses - and the other two if you get time."
  10. Lets hear it for the Yanks, 2 things that keeps a geek like me happy and occupied :twisted:
  11. PMSL!

    I agree with everything except Dan Wesson. He was a punk and his guns are sh*te. After the Honorable Mr. Browning, Bill Ruger was my favorite. He once had a bunch of his engineers stage a revolt and build a prototype revolver in a way that he forbid. When he saw it, he told them all to "f*ck off, it's MY factory." The next day several of them were looking for jobs. :D
  12. The US has given the rest of the world something to p!ss and moan about...that's right the US :D

    Without the US what would the ingrates be on about? :D