what happens with training after being ill

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my son joined May 13th and has been ill with pneumonia for the last 2 weeks, they placed him in a hospital (onsite) but what will happen with his training, will they put him back for 2 weeks, i'm just worried they'll dismiss him
They will put him in a platoon coming up behind him, possibly after he has been in the rehab platoon for a spell to get his fitness back.

It's not his fault and it's nothing to be ashamed off, as he only did 2 weeks before he got ill they will simply start him afresh so he will lose that 2 weeks I am afraid.
It could be worse.

There was a lad in our company who contracted meningitis and woke up from a coma weeks or so later to find he was in the army - he couldnt even remember joining.
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