What Happens When you first arrive at ATR Pirbright?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Desborough, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Areet Lads,

    Just wanna know what happens from when you get off the train for pirbright and up to ure first nights kip, Just curious to the standard Ops,

    And i hear the first week is relatively relaxed so recruits can settle in and get to know each other,

    Is this correct

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. i heard its like boot camp where drill instructors are charging onto the train screaming at you before you even get time to stand up then its PT all day and night till one of you rings a bell or something then you all get to go to sleep
  3. Oh wow. cant wait........Hint the sarcasm.

    I aint that stupid fool
  4. 1st day at catterick from what i can remember consisted of quite a bit of paper work and some introduction lectures its will all be very fast paced, second day issue kit then the rest is a blur lol : )
  5. haha thanks mate,

    Anyone else got any of there accounts to hand?

  6. You go there, wait around a lot, do paperwork, make a 100m squad whilst marching around. You think fcuk me, 14 weeks here, not to mention the internal examination..urghhh.

    It's literally turning up, getting measured and sized up, then chilling waiting to do x,y,z and depending on when you turn up enjoying your first wholesome and nutritiously grease free meal.

  7. Thanks, Mate pretty much sums it up:)
    Thanks Again lads:)

  8. oh and also, the medical which is being conducted over at pirbright, i mean can people still get deferred on that day during medical again, or its just a random check which just tries to tick off all the boxes that had already been ticked off at ADSC? because i hear the medical is a bit more than what we was given over at ADSC.
  9. Get there a bit early and go for a couple of wets in the pub to the right of the station, just keep an eye out of the window for the minibus and stroll out.

  10. Haha class! :p
  11. Or wait until last orders then give the guardroom a ring and ask if they could send down the minibus to pick you up.
  12. Now that would be an outstanding display of neckiness ! Surely something similar has happened at depots up and down the country over the years, reminds me of a lad at Lympstone who dropped his kit at the foot of his bed, rolled a stinking great fag up and laid back on his pit for a hearty smoke :D
  13. I can tell you what happened 10 years ago but its not really relevant because the Guards aren't there anymore.
    Think yourself lucky because Guards instructors used to love rifting chippy recruits up and down Adair walk even more than their own crows.
  14. So, do the guards still do there basic training all in pirbright?
  15. You're a bit slow aren't you?