What happens when I pass out?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jakerooney, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. I start training for the Scots Guards on the 19th of Feb, and should all go well I should pass out by the end of September. I know that the Scots are going on tour in October, so I was wondering what I would do when I pass out. Normally, Guardsmen go to their ceremonial companies post-Catterick, but with there being a tour coming up would I be posted straight to battalion?

    Any insight would be appreciated, Jake.
  2. I doubt it as you would have missed the PDT.

    You'll more likely be put on a driving course for your civvy licence, then leave, then Ceremonial bullshit, then 2 weeks in Bas for a quick suntan, then back home, then maybe join Bn as a BCR ....not neccessarily in that order but close to it.

    ....or none of the above.

    Either way, suck it up and stagg on.
  3. I've often wondered the same, as whenever I come to, I'm usually missing at least one eyebrow, various items of clothing, and/or my mobile/wallet etc. and often seem to be wearing comedy drawn on spectacles.

    Buckfast and schnapps is a dangerous combination.....

    In your case though, I reckon NS123 has probably got it about right. Best of luck whatever happens.
  4. If you "pass out" someone will probably throw a bucket of cold water over you, or something similar.
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  5. Not 100% in the know as to the linguo yet, what does BCR mean?
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    It means Belize Cidney Redux. That is Spanish for waking up in a bath of iced water in Belize with a pain in your gut and a sign pasted onto the wall saying "Call 911. We just stole your kidney Gringo".

    Be careful where you pass out.
  7. Am I being Trolled? I think I'm being trolled...
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  8. Here's hoping PERSEC doesn't involve any organ removal...
  9. Not if you do it right.
  10. [nowah]
    Replacing someone unfortunate
  11. It is not just you. The Internet tends to take the urine out of new posters.
  12. It depends, it's most likely that you'll go to F Coy to do some ceremonial, however all the Scots Guards from my Plt went straight to Germany after Catterick as our Plt Sgt was Scots Guards and pulled a few strings.

    Will you get to go on tour? Again this will depend, if you are lucky enough to go straight to Bn then there's a good chance you will deploy, or go on rear party but with the possibility of being used as a casualty replacement. If you go to F Coy then you MAY get to deploy as a casualty replacement, but you would be quite far down the list.

    My advice is to wait till you've completed training and passed out before you worry about getting on tour.
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